Recreation and Leisure students raise $1500 for local summer camp programs

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Recreation and Leisure students raise $1500 for local summer camp programs

Published on March 11 2014

RECL Community Development

For kids, a quality summer camp program can be important contributors to healthy development.

Undergraduate students in the Department of Recreation and Leisure Studies (RECL) have a deep understanding of the benefits of summer camp, and recently donated more than their time to help support a local summer program delivered by the Niagara Resource Service for Youth (The RAFT).

“Currently the summer camp program is limited due to the current program budget which is one dollar a week per child enrolled in the program,” noted 4th year RECL student Lacie Dearsley.

“This minuscule budget is not providing youth with quality programs that will engage and educate them.”

Taking part in a Community Development course offered at Brock, RECL students are challenged to bring concepts of the course to life by completing a ‘real world’ community-based project.

In support of summer camp programs, students held a fundraising event at Gord’s Place, a downtown restaurant and bar that was an enthusiastic partner, coming through with free food and a live band.

Through ticket sales for the event and raffles of donated prizes, the group raised over $1500 that will be used to pay for program materials and special activities such as field trips.

“We all sold tickets for the event, and were absolutely thrilled with the amount of public support and attendance on February 28.” Said Hilary Pollock, who is a third year RECL student.

“We are just overwhelmed with what this event has achieved for The RAFT.”

Through the Community Development course this semester, ten different project ideas – ranging from delivering a yoga program to developing social media sites – will be implemented, with RAFT playing a key role.

“As a Community Developer in Niagara, it’s great to be able to utilize the student’s learning and energy.” said Melissa Debruin, Program Coordinator at RAFT who plays a key role in the course, offering students ongoing feedback on their project ideas.

“They always bring fresh and creative ideals to the table which have real impacts in the community.”

The students learn, and the community benefits. It’s a win-win.

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