Pearls of Wisdom from the "Last Lecture"

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Pearls of Wisdom from the "Last Lecture"

Published on May 14 2013

The “last lecture” delivered almost 70 years of teaching and learning experience at Brock University.

Spreading “pearls of wisdom” for all to learn from, it was a reflective celebration of two well respect 3M teaching fellows — Lorne Adams and David DiBattista.

Kinesiology prof Lorne Adams continued to find inspiring words for all in attendance, talking about the past and future of teaching and learning at Brock University.

In case you missed it, here is the full lecture.

Encapsulating the event is the doodle featured below: Credit Giulia Forsythe.



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Lorne Adams and David DiBattista sharing the podium at the "last lecture" at Brock University