International Market Development

Office of International Market Development

The Office of International Market Development has two mandates, the creation of joint venture partnerships and international student recruitment.

Through the joint ventures, the Office of International Market Development works with reputable institutions around the world with whom we have developed academic partnerships, the goal of which is to increase international opportunities for students. With the establishment of a Joint Venture Agreement or an Agreement of Cooperation, the Office of International Market Development is enabled to develop more specialized agreements, such as foundation programs, language school agreements, or testing agreements, based on the needs of the students, our partners and the university. For more information please refer to our Joint Ventures website.

The Office of International Market Development also provides information to prospective international students through school visits, recruitment fairs, agency partnerships, etc. to study at the undergraduate level or in our Intensive English Language Program. Our agreements with accredited academic agents allows us to enjoy worldwide representation of Brock University. For more information, visit the International Recruitment website.
We also have two representative offices, one in Beijing and another in Guangzhou, People’s Republic of China. You may find contact information at this website. The offices are equipped to answer inquiries from prospective students, assist in the preparation of applications to study in ESL Services or in Brock’s seven faculties, to represent us at fairs in various cities in China, and generally to expedite the applications of Chinese students to Brock.


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