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Organization Chart


Office of the Associate Vice-President

Grant Armstrong, Associate Vice-President, Human Resources

          Ext. 6276   

Michelle Maiolo, Executive Assistant

          Ext. 3169   


Employee & Labour Relations

Jennifer Guarasci, Associate Director, Employee & Labour Relations

          Ext. 5335   

Amanda Villella, Manager, Employee & Labour Relations

          Ext. 3022   

 Astrid Fink, Employee & Labour Relations Advisor

          Ext. 6229   

John Panici, Employee & Labour Relations Advisor

          Ext. 5336   


Health, Safety & Wellness

Leigh Harold, Director, Health, Safety & Wellness

          Ext. 3123  

Kathryn Walker, Manager, Health Management & Wellness

          Ext. 6086   

Litsa Aliferis, Insurance Coordinator

          Ext. 4763  

Jennifer Booker, Environmental Health & Safety Officer

          Ext. 5390   

Brian Dzurban, Health, Safety & Wellness Coordinator

          Ext. 3284   

Dan Pozzobon, Health & Safety Officer

          Ext. 5994   


Bailey Seward, Health Management Consultant

          Ext. 4237   


Leila Vistorte, Biological & Laboratory Safety Officer

          Ext. 6179   


Office of Human Rights & Equity Services / AODA

Alana Sharpe, Human Rights & Equity Advisor

          Ext. 4859    (

Christopher Lytle, AODA Coordinator & Human Rights Consultant

          Ext. 5454   


Organization Development & Effectiveness and Talent Acquisition

Neil Culp, Associate Director

          Ext. 4711   

Patricia Mosca, Manager Talent Acquisition

          Ext. 6437   

Holly Bolvari, SeniorTalent Acquisition Consultant

          Ext. 4027   

Melanie Kopac, Talent Acquisition Consultant

          Ext. 6278   

Brooke Iannuzzelli, HR Assistant

          Ext. 3274   


Systems & Special Projects

Kim Thompson, Director, Systems & Special Projects

          Ext. 3454   

Karen Merritt, HR Systems Officer

          Ext. 3969   

Joyce Samuels, HR Assistant

          Ext. 3995   


Total Rewards (Benefits/Payroll/Pension/Compensation)

Wanda Fast, Associate Director, Total Rewards

          Ext. 4898  

Kelly Bradbury, Manager, Compensation & Rewards

          Ext. 5153   

Kim Avolio, Payroll Assistant

          Ext. 5622   

Louisa DiFrancesco, Payroll Supervisor

          Ext. 4611   

Allison Douma, Payroll Assistant

          Ext. 4937   

Janice Facey, Pension Officer

          Ext. 3186   

Janet Moore, Job Analyst

          Ext. 3363   

Denise Nagy, Benefits Officer

          Ext. 4266   

Lindsay Redmond, Compensation Analyst

          Ext. 3279   



Pink Shirt Day: Anti-bullying Movement
February 24, 2016 - 7:00am - 11:15pm
Free family skate on Family Day
February 15, 2016 - 3:00pm - 4:00pm