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About Accounting Co-op

In existence for more than 25 years, Brock's four-and-a-half year Bachelor of Accounting (BAcc) Co-op program has been specifically designed for those students who are striving to achieve their Chartered Accountant (CA) designation.


What is Co-op?

A hands-on Educational program that alternates periods of academic study with periods of discipline specific work experience.

Why Hire A Co-op Student?


  • Co-op students are available year- round, and can begin work in January, May or September. While typical work terms are generally four months in duration, extended work terms of 8 and/or 12 months can be easily accommodated.
  • Students are expected to honour all job acceptances and complete the duration of the work term.
  • Students complete a reflective learning exercise by developing learning objectives in conjunction with his/her supervisor.
  • A work site visit will be conducted by a Co-op representative approximately mid-term to discuss the student’s progress and performance with both the student and the supervisor.
  • Students complete a work term report about their experience, skills development and goal achievement and share this with his/her supervisor prior to departure.

The Brock Co-op Advantage


  • The academic portion of the BAcc Co-op program fulfills the 51 credit-hour requirement of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Ontario (ICAO), while the Co-op work experience component allows students to complete up to 20 months of the 30 months of practical experience required by the ICAO.
  • For Both Sides of the Brain – Brock is a university designed for the very purpose of developing well-rounded human beings, where diverse passions are not only welcomed but celebrated, and students become better versions of themselves. As a result, thousands of our well-rounded graduates whose academic achievements are complemented by experiential strength and a heightened sense of community have launched into successful careers around the world.
  • Brock’s Accounting Co-op is the second largest program of its kind in Canada and the second program to be fully accredited by the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Ontario.
  • Brock Co-op students understand that our CA partners are making an investment and commitment to providing the best possible work term experience. You can be assured that our students will be committed to completing a minimum of 3 work terms with your firm if you choose to invite them to return.
  • Brock work-term schedules are designed to fit your needs. A typical work term schedule includes the following work terms:

January to April – Year 2
September to April – Year 3
January to April – Year 4

  • Should your needs differ from the pre-arranged schedule, students are given the opportunity to re-sequence their academics in order to complete work terms that better fit your needs.
  • Most students complete 3 – 4 rigorous academic terms before embarking on their first Co-op work term. They have participated in employment readiness workshops delivered by Co-op professionals and industry partners.


Typical Work Sequence of an Accounting Co-op Student

For further assistance in regards to Accounting Co-op, please feel free to contact our Accounting Co-op Relationship Managers.


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