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"Karen Song has done an outstanding job as a Co-op student. The proof of her performance is that she has been offered a full time position with our organization, despite being in the midst of two major events - a worldwide recession and a merger resulting in a companywide hiring freeze. Karen has a very sharp mind, integrity, strong team spirit, work ethic and desire to make a difference. She came into the role which had not been filled for over a year - worked with me to clear the backlog and define the requirements for success. In a short time she won the respect of her clients, managers, and directors. I have a very favorable impression of Brock University due to students like her." 

DJ Phukan, Manager, Performance Group, Major Canadian Oil Company 


 “Working in the Customer Relationship Management Department at Hudson’s Bay Company has taught me a tremendous amount about accountability. Responsibility is on you, the Co-op student, to arrange monthly meetings with your human resources representative, weekly discussions with your manager, attendance at monthly group conferences with other students, and reaching all deadlines. I strongly recommend Brock University’s Co-op program to anyone interested in gaining hands-on knowledge of the business world prior to graduation.”

Andrea MacKenzie, Bachelor of Business Administration Co-op