Michelle Starr Q & A

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Michelle Starr Q & A

Sector: Technology

Job Description: Provides analytical support to the Global Technology Services Strategic Outsourcing Organization by driving monthly and quarterly people reporting and supporting major Canada Project Hub people processes, offering insights and conclusions to guide business leaders’ decisions.

Where is your hometown?

Pickering, Ontario 

How did you benefit from the co-op program?

The co-op program allowed me to gain experience in the corporate world, apply theories I had learned from my business classes, and make connections that have turned into lasting relationships. After completing each of my co-op terms I returned to Brock with real examples from the workplace that I applied to business cases and group projects which allowed me to succeed in my university career.  

Best memory of your time at Brock University?

The best friends I made at Brock were during my only summer term for classes, there was a much smaller group of us compared to during the year and we all had the same classes, shared the same workload, and created lasting memories. It was a lot of fun! 

Advice to current co-op students?

Don’t lose your focus in such a way that your co-op career will be compromised, and do anything and everything while on your co-op terms to showcase your talent to your employer.

Future career goals and aspirations?

Become a Subject Matter Expert in Resource Deployment while continuing to follow my passion in leadership.