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Information for Postdoctoral Fellows

Information for Faculty Supervisors

Postdoctoral Fellows (PDFs) are valued members of the Brock community and make a valuable contribution to the research environment.  If you have identified a PDF to join your research group, either through an open competition or through other channels, you need to fill out the forms below and submit then to the Office of Research Services. A letter of offer should also be provided to all PDFs.

Forms and Templates

Appointment and Registration Form for Postdoctoral Fellows, Research Associates and Visiting Scholars (Microsoft Word Document)

Intellectual Property Agreement for Postdoctoral Fellows, Research Associates, and Visiting Scholars (Microsoft Word Document)

Template Letter of Offer for Postdoctoral Fellow or Research Associate (Microsoft Word Document)

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Brock Policy Regarding Postdoctoral Fellows

Source: Faculty Handbook

Brock University accepts the guidelines for Postdoctoral Fellows suggested by the AUCC, and has adopted a set of policies consistent with these guidelines.

AUCC Statement of Principles Regarding Postdoctoral Fellows

Postdoctoral fellows are important members of the University community and make valuable contributions to

the academic research environment. This Statement of Principles encourages universities and other research institutions to recognize these contributions and to offer the best working environment possible to their postdoctoral fellows. The document also suggests that universities establish procedures, where they do not already exist, to ensure that postdoctoral fellows are fully integrated into university policies.

1. Universities should define what constitutes a postdoctoral appointment. The definition would over such criteria as the duration of appointment, and length of time since completion of the Ph.D. (or equivalent).

2. Institutions are encouraged to ensure that university policies include postdoctoral fellows, or that there is a policy in place that explicitly pertains to postdoctoral fellows. The appendix attached to this statement is intended to provide guidelines on the type of information that is included in policies on postdoctoral fellows for those universities that do not already have such policies in place.

3. Universities should identify an office that can provide information on institutional policies and procedures to postdoctoral fellows.

4. Universities should provide written letters of appointment (or invitation) to all postdoctoral fellows. The letter would provide details on the duration of the appointment, the amount and nature of the compensation, any benefits offered, and information on the rights and responsibilities of postdoctoral fellows (or a copy of the university's policy on postdoctoral fellows).

5. Universities are encouraged to provide all postdoctoral fellows with an "orientation package" that includes a registration form for postdoctoral fellows and general information about the university. The information provided on the registration form would allow the fellow to be entered into the university's central register, and be issued with an identity card (for access to the library, etc.)

22.1 Brock Policy Regarding Postdoctoral Fellows

Brock University considers that postdoctoral fellows, (PDF's), are an integral part of the University community and contribute to its mission. It therefore wishes to offer postdoctoral fellows official status, enhance the value of their experience, and offer services meeting their needs. Postdoctoral fellows will comply with University policies and will recognize their affiliation with the University in their publications and in their participation in scholarly meetings and endeavours.

22.1.1 Definition of a Postdoctoral Fellow

The University defines a postdoctoral fellow as one who meets the following criteria:

i) The appointee was recently (within 5 years) awarded a PhD or the equivalent;

ii) The appointment is temporary;

iii) The appointment involves substantially full-time research or scholarship;

iv) The appointment is viewed as preparatory for a full-time academic and/or research career;

v) The appointee works under a faculty supervisor in the University;

vi) The appointee is expected to publish the results of his or her research or scholarship during the period of the appointment, jointly with their supervisor, unless some prior alternate agreement is made and agreed to by both parties prior to the acceptance of the appointment, and such an agreement is filed with Research Services;

vii) The intellectual property rights, patents, etc. arising from the work in a faculty member's lab by a post doctoral fellow or other employee reside with the faculty member unless alternate arrangements have been made in writing in advance and filed with Research Services. If either a faculty member or a PDF receives a patent for work done at Brock, the University must receive a non-exclusive license for the use of the object of the patent.

22.1.2 Appointment and Registration of Postdoctoral Fellows

Appointments of postdoctoral fellows are made by the Associate Vice-President, Research and Dean of Graduate Studies, following the submission of a recommendation from the host Faculty/Department. This recommendation must include:

i) The application form (available from Research Services), on which information is requested on: (a) the academic nature of the appointment from the supervisor(s); (b) the support from the supervisor, academic unit and/or the host Faculty; (c) a confirmation of the duration of the appointment, the financial support; and (d) a confirmation of the space, technical (if applicable) and clerical support provided;

ii) A curriculum vitae of the proposed appointee;

iii) An offer letter from the supervisor setting out the details of the appointment for the candidate.

Recommendations should be sent to the Office of Research Services at least one month prior to the expected date of commencement of the appointment. The appointee should register with the Office of Research Services on arrival as well as with Human Resources. Registration must be renewed every year, following a satisfactory report from the supervisor (form to be developed). Appointments do not normally exceed three years.

22.1.3 Services

Upon registration, postdoctoral fellows will have access to the various services offered by the Office of Research Services as well as those offered by Graduate Studies and the University to full-time graduate students: library, health services, sports facilities, computer services, and the Centre for Pedagogical Innovation. Health Insurance programs are available at applicable rates, subject to citizenship status and funding source. Benefits will be those available under the Brock University Group Benefit Program for Full-time Grant Employees.

22.1.4 Course Fees

Subject to the approval of the supervisor, PDF's can register in undergraduate and graduate courses at the rate applicable to part-time and special students.

22.1.5 Application of University Policies

The established policies of Brock University apply to the responsibilities and activities of PDF's including, for example, intellectual property, research ethics, and sexual harassment policies. In addition, a special Policy on Treatment of Postdoctoral Fellows will be established by an Ad Hoc Committee which includes representation from different stakeholders (e.g., postdoctoral fellows, faculty, administration) in order to resolve conflicts between PDF's and supervisors/academic unit. Until such time, the regulations regarding graduate students shall apply.

22.1.6 Remuneration and Financial Support

It is understood that a PDF can receive financial support in various forms such as fellowships, research assistantships and part-time teaching. Each year, the University establishes an annual minimum total financial support required for a full-time PDF, which will typically be the minimum set by the appropriate Granting Council. In the case of a partial appointment, the minimum required is calculated proportionally. When the PDF's financial support comes from an external research grant, the regulations of the granting agency must be observed as well. In the case of funds granted by the supervisor, the University accepts that, provided the granting agencies allows it and that all parties agree, these funds could be awarded as training bursaries rather than as employment remuneration.

22.1.7 Maternity Leave

Employment Insurance rules apply if a PDF has been employed long enough to have acquired benefit status.

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Information for Postdoctoral Fellows

Listed below are some of the programs which provide funding opportunities for postdoctoral fellows. As many of these programs require approval and supporting material from the supervisor, department, or institution, it is strongly recommended that you consult with your prospective supervisor, department or the Office of Research Services well in advance of the agency deadline.

Banting Postdoctoral Fellowships

SSHRC Postdoctoral Fellowships

NSERC Postdoctoral Fellowships

CIHR Fellowship Awards

Additional opportunities for funding can be found using the Pivot funding search engine to which Brock University subscribes. Create an account using your Brock email (or the email of your current institution, if your current institution is a subscriber) and search the funding database for postdoctoral fellowship opportunities.

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