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If you need help or have a quick question, there is no need to leave your can talk to one of our helpful Reference staff in real time via LIVE Help! No extra software is needed, all that is required is your name and e-mail address.
LIVE Help! can answer the same types of questions that you ask at the Research Help Desk, on the phone or via email. We may, in some instances, refer you to the Subject Specialist in your specific area, or to other University Departments.
Click on the yellow LIVE HELP icon in the left column of this page to chat or leave a message.


The service is available during Help Desk hours.
We reserve the right
  • to refuse to answer questions we find offensive and inappropriate.
  • to terminate a chat session if profanity is used.
  • to save and archive chat logs. Individual chat sessions are not shared with anyone outside the James A. Gibson Library. Statistics are generated from chat logs, as well as excerpts may be used for reports or publications. Information about specific individuals (e.g. IP address, email address, names, phone numbers, etc.) will be deleted automatically on a daily basis.
  • to not serve as intermediaries in sending citations or full-text articles to non-Brock community users (e.g. the general public) so as not to infringe on our licencing agreements with database providers.




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