P.A.W.S. Program

P.A.W.S. Program


The Brock Badgers "Providing Athletes with Winning Strategies" (P.A.W.S) Program connects varsity athletes to the academic resources available at Brock to enhance their academic success. These services include learning support one-on-one consultations with professionals, a Drop-In Centre for Science or General Study Skills, Workshops (delivered regularly or also delivered to teams if a coach requests it).


Enhanced Academic Support

Coaches will contact learning@brocku.ca to specifically develop an Academic Personal Action Plan. If an athlete is referred the process is as follows:
As a participant, athletes will:
·        Attend a consultation with a Learning Services Instructor, and
·        Develop a personalized resource plan!
The personalized resource plan will include specific resources for the student athlete based on the needs of that student.  Resources may include:
·       Drop-in (writing, math or study skills)
·       Workshops
·       Additional consultations
·       Online resources
Students will meet again with the Learning Services Instructor to discuss progress, highlight additional resources or modify existing strategies.
Once the athlete has completed the process an update will be shared with the coach that referred the athlete.



Providing Athletes with Winning Strategies