BOOST Program (BOST 0N00)

BOOST Program (BOST 0N00)

Program Overview
BOST 0N00 is a non-credit program offered as an alternative to academic suspension. Eligibility for participation in the program is determined by the registrar. Students who are given the opportunity to participate in the program are required to:

  • Register for BOOST through the Applicant & Student Self Serve tab on (Program fee: $750)
  • Maintain a reduced course load (Maximum 1.5 credits/term)
  • Pass all courses for the entire academic year
  • Achieve a minimum 60% average for the entire academic year
  • Meet BOOST course requirements including meeting with your instructor to identify personal goals and challenges, attending and participating in all sessions, and completing all assignments on time.

The program runs in D2 (September until December) and consists of two 90-minute classes per week. Classes are small, with approximately 30 students per section.

Program Goals
B00ST is designed for students to:

  • Reflect on past academic experiences and build new strategies to help achieve goals
  • Examine motivation, strengths, and learning styles
  • Set and achieve realistic goals
  • Enhance time management, writing, presentation and study skills
  • Identify and address their individual development areas through consultations, referrals, and supplementary workshops

Skill Development Areas

  • Critical thinking
  • University-level reading and writing
  • Note-taking
  • Making presentations
  • Problem solving
  • Preparing for tests and exams
  • Time management
  • Goal setting
  • Handling stress
  • Identifying needs
  • Seeking and using resources
  • Personal accountability

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