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Section E1
Residence of First-Time, Full-Time, First Year Undergraduate Students in Previous Year

The following table shows the percentage of first-time, full-time first-year undergraduate students enrolled in fall 2007 by their home address in the previous year.
Percent from Ontario: 94.8%
Percent from rest of Canada: 0.9%
Percent from outside Canada: 4.3%
Source: OUAC
Section E2
Percentage of Full-Time, Undergraduate Students who live on campus, Fall 2007

  % of Students Who Live on Campus
First Year: 60.0%
Total Undergraduate: 18.5%
Source: Individual Institutions
Section E3
Extracurricular Activities Offered 

Link to describe the large number of extracurricular activities offered:
Section E4

The mix and variety of housing, including residence guarantee information: