Accessing Your Account

Financial Services

Accessing Your Account

You may view your assessment through your Finance History. The Finance History shows your complete record of tuition and other fees assessed, as well as payments received on account.

To access your Finance History:

  1. Log on to the student self-serve portal at
  2. Select “Student Self-Serve”
  3. Select “Finance History”
  4. If you have a current balance outstanding, you may click on the blue "Payment Options" button for a Student Fee Statement, which lists your outstanding balance, applicable due date, and account numbers.

Note: if your Finance History has a blue line indicating "Changes Pending", your account has not yet been updated to reflect your most recent registration change. Please check back again after 1-2 business days to review your updated balance.

Notification of Required Payment
The University does not mail statements to prompt payment. Students are financially responsible for all tuition and related fees associated with registered courses. To determine your account balance you must access your Financial Account Information on-line through the portal.

To avoid interest, service charges, and other consequences, be sure that allow sufficient time for your payment to reach us. Interest and service charges will not be waived for late payment.