Expect heavy construction near campus main entrance

Expect heavy construction near campus main entrance

  • Week of Sept. 15 — The intersection of Merrittville Highway and St Davids Road, which is at the main entrance to the University, will experience a high level of construction this week. See colour-coded chart below for more information.
People driving or taking the bus to or from Brock this fall will need to exercise patience and allow extra time.

The Niagara Region's major road construction project in front of the main campus has run beyond its summer completion target, and will continue to cause backups for area commuters, especially during peak travel times.

The Region and Rankin Construction are rebuilding roads, sidewalks and bus bays on St. Davids Road, Glenridge Avenue and Merrittville Highway.

The end result will be improved traffic flows for cars, buses and pedestrians, but the project will cause disruptions through September and October.

See The Brock News “Delays expected as road construction continues through October”

  • Travellers to or from points south of campus (i.e. Welland or Port Colborne) should consider using Merrittville Hwy to access the Beavderdams Road ramps to Hwy 406
  • The two westbound (campus-bound) lanes of St. Davids Road will be kept open most mornings between 8 and 9 am, but there will be exceptions.  
  • Public transit routes will not change, however buses will experience delays during high periods of construction.
  • BUS STOP LOCATIONS WILL BE AFFECTED. Bus stops on St. Davids Road, near the East Campus, are closed until after construction is completed. Buses will instead use bus stops on campus along Isaac Brock Blvd.  See the TRANSIT MAP for details.
  • PEDESTRIAN ROUTES WILL BE AFFECTED. Pedestrians must follow designated walking routes and street crossings. People will NOT be able to cross streets where construction sites are located. See the PEDESTRIAN MAP for details.
  • Bookmark and monitor this website for daily forecasts of the routes expected to have the least construction activity (see colour-coded chart below).  


This chart is based on updated information provided by the construction contractor. It estimates delays based on levels of construction activity. It does not factor in traffic volumes that vary throughout the day. 

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