Graduate student research

Graduate student research


Brock grad students recognized for contributions to ‘Living in Niagara-2014′ report

January 26, 2015

An interdisciplinary team of Brock graduate student researchers were recognized recently for their contributions in helping to produce a report built by the Niagara-wide community, to gauge quality of life in our region.

In November, Niagara Connects, launched the community’s “Living in Niagara-2014” report at a breakfast attended by almost 500 people and hosted by the Niagara Community Foundation.

Mary Wiley, executive director of Niagara Connects, thanked Brock for being a partner in assisting the community in developing the report. She praised the role of graduate student researchers, for “helping to guide the research process and gathering data.”

The graduate students, as part of the Social Innovation Research Associate Program (SIRAP), worked to generate new indicators of socio-economic wellness while gathering data and information about existing community assets. They worked with front-line experts in the community to help inform vital and innovative solutions for addressing social, economic, environmental and cultural challenges in Niagara.

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Registration open for 2015 3MT® contest

December 10, 2014

Master’s and doctoral students at Brock have until Friday, Jan. 23, 2015 to register for the 2015 Three Minute Thesis® (3MT®) contest.

A registration form is available on the 3MT® website along with contest information, important dates and links to videos from Brock’s previous competitions.

The contest challenges graduate students to talk about their research and why it matters in a way that will inform and captivate people outside of their disciplines. It is held each year in conjunction with Brock’s annual Mapping the New Knowledges Graduate Student Research Conference. A preliminary round will take place in February and the top finishers will advance to compete at the finals that will be held at the conference on Thursday, April 9.

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Brock PhD student wins Ontario research award

December 5, 2014

A Brock University doctoral student is among a group of graduates to win an Ontario-wide student research award.

Applied Health Sciences student Kelly Pilato (BA ‘00, MSc ‘04) is one of eight recipients of the Ontario Graduate Policy Research Challenge (OGPRC), a pilot initiative that the Ontario government introduced near the beginning of this year.

“It was a big surprise to me,” says Pilato. “I applied for it. I thought, ‘I want to get myself out there,’ and was so thrilled to be one of the recipients.”

Pilato, who is in her second year of her PhD, submitted a policy brief on the “Fall Break” policy that Brock University and other institutions implemented last year. At Brock, it is a one-week holiday for students over Thanksgiving week, similar to the Spring Break, usually held in February.

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Brock graduate students recognized for research excellence

November 20, 2014

Graduate student researchers Kate Paterson and Samantha Stromski share common ground when it comes to advocating for concepts of fairness and equality.

Paterson and Stromski are among 27 Brock graduate students who were recognized for research excellence with 2014 Canada Graduate Student funding awards from the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada (SSHRC).

Both are entering their second year of a two-year master’s degree. Paterson is in the Social Justice and Equity Studies program while Stromski is in the Child and Youth Studies program. The SSHRC award will provide each of them with $17,500 for the coming year.

In total, Brock graduate students received SSHRC funding that totalled $775,000. A list of the graduate student SSHRC awards is available online.

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Graduate students part of Research Café panel on bullying

November 13, 2014

Three graduate students are part of a strong contingent of researchers across Canada working toward a common goal - to end bullying.

Ann Farrell, a PhD student in Psychology, is examining subtypes of bullying and the factors that influence each subtype.

Natalie Spadafora, a master’s student in Child and Youth Studies, is researching bystander intervention amongst adolescents.

Heather Woods, a master’s student in Education, is studying the confidence and abilities of teachers in intervention programs.

Each student has been awarded a SSHRC graduate scholarship - a signal of the importance their research holds for an issue that impacts the well-being of society - children and adults - on a daily basis.

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Conference gives graduate students chance to meet world experts

November 5, 2014

Brock graduate student Vanessa Hamilton likes the logic and reasoning of mathematics. It’s what drives her academic and research interests.

“I like the fact that math is black and white,” says Hamilton.

Hamilton completed her undergraduate degree at Brock in the spring and began her master’s work in September. She was awarded a prestigious NSERC graduate scholarship to support the research she has underway in the area of algebraic codes from matrix and group rings.

She admits there is no easy way to describe her research to non-specialists - it’s based in the pure science of algebraic structures.

Hamilton and Hongdi Huang, an international master’s student in the program, had the opportunity to meet world experts in their field this summer when Brock hosted the 2014 Brock International Conference on Groups, Rings, and Group Rings.

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