President’s Task Force proceeding with Program Review (Jan. 24, 2014)

The President’s Task Force on Program Review is continuing to carry on with its review of administrative programs.

After programs across the University completed their Program Assessment Forms at the end of November, the Task Force took the approximately 700 submissions and identified 350 as related to administrative, rather than academic, activities.

The 350 were then divided into two groups. Administrative programs in academic departments, such as academic advising and administration, were allocated to a committee chaired by the Provost and composed of the deans and the associate vice-presidents on the academic side.

Programs on the administrative side were allocated to a committee chaired by the Vice-President, Finance and Administration and composed of associate vice-presidents and other senior administrative staff.

Those two groups have now met and engaged in a lengthy and careful process of assigning priorities to the programs within their purviews. The results of those meetings are now being finalized by the groups, and those results will soon be transmitted to the President’s Task Force which will meet in February to prepare its report.

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