Department of Mathematics & Statistics



Current Professors

Name/Contact Research/Teaching Information

 Syed Ejaz Ahmed

 MC D418
905-688-5550, Ext. 3421

Statistical inference, multivariate analysis and asymptotic theory.

Stephen Anco

MC J423
905-688-5550, Ext. 3728

Differential Equations, Symmetries and Conservation Laws, Soliton Theory, Mathematical Physics, Symbolic Computation.
Hichem Ben-El-Mechaiekh
MC J418
905-688-5550, Ext. 3758
Set-valued analysis, fixed point theory, variational methods for dynamical systems, mathematical economics, game theory and optimization
Chantal Buteau
MC J427
905-688-5550, Ext. 3167

Mathematics Education (Technology, University Education, Teacher Education) and Mathematical Music Theory (Deterministic Modeling of Analysis, Computational Music Analysis)

Babak Farzad
MC J424
905-688-5550, Ext. 3145
Graph Theory, Algorithmic Game Theory, Algorithms and Discrete Optimization
Henryk Fukś
MC J407
905-688-5550, Ext. 3296
Spatially-extended discrete dynamical systems, Cellular automata, Lattice gas automata
Mei Ling Huang
MC J411
905-688-5550 Ext. 4255
Statistical Theory and Methods, Experimental Design Theory and Methods
Omar Kihel
MC J425
905-688-5550, Ext. 3295
Finite field functions and their applications to coding theory and cryptography; existence of primitive polynomials over finite fields; exponential sums over finite fields
Yuanlin Li
MC J422
905-688-5550, Ext. 4626
Homological Aspects of Rings, Group Rings and Their Applications in Combinatoric Number Theory, and Coding Theory.
Alexander Odesskii
MC J432
905-688-5550, Ext. 3297
Mathematical Physics, Integrable Systems, Representation Theory, Algebraic Geometry, Theory of Special Functions
Bill Ralph
MC J428
905-688-5550, Ext.3804

Statistics for Metric Spaces, Financial Mathematics, Visualization of Dynamical Systems

Jan Vrbik

MC J410
905-688-5550, Ext. 3298

Celestial Mechanics, Perturbed Kepler Problem, Edgeworth Series, Central Limit Theorem, Maximum Likelihood Estimation, Autoregressive Models.

Thomas Wolf
MC J413
905-688-5550, Ext. 3803

Integrability of differential equations, Computer Algebra, Classical General Relativity, Mathematical Analysis of the game Go

Xiaojian Xu
MC J412
905-688-5550, Ext. 3299
Statistical Models and Inference; Optimal Regression Designs; Robust Methods; Multivariate Analysis; Accelerated
Life testing
Wai Kong (John) Yuen
MC J403
905-688-5550, Ext. 3294
Convergence rate and efficiency optimization of Markov chain Monte Carlo algorithms in high dimensions with the aid of extensive and computationally intensive simulation studies


Limited-Term Appointments

Name/Contact Research/Teaching Information

Basil Nanayakkara

905-688-5550, Ext. 3103

Algebraic Geometry and Algebra


Adjunct Professors

Name/Contact Research/Teaching Information
Tom Jenkyns

905-688-5550, Ext. 3300

Combinatorics and Optimization

Peng Zhang

905-688-5550, Ext. 3300

Correlated data analysis, data mining, measurement error models


Professors Emeriti

Name/Contact Research/Teaching Information
Howard Bell

905-688-5550 Ext. 3300

Ring Theory


905-688-5550 Ext. 3300


Real and Complex Analysis
Charles Laywine
905-688-5550, Ext. 3300
Combinatorial Design Theory
John Mayberry
905-688-5550, Ext. 3300
Knot-Theory, Game-Theory & Applications, Combinatorics, Abstract Mathematical Models
Eric Muller
905-688-5550, Ext.3300
Mathematics education with Impact of Technology