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Liberal Arts

Welcome to the Centre for Liberal Arts (LART)

Do you have a curious mind? Do you like asking questions and sharing discoveries with others? Do you want to know how ideas from many fields of human activity connect together? Do you want to improve your skills of creative, written and oral communication? If you answer "yes" to more than one of these questions, then the Liberal Arts (LART) Program is right for you.

In the Liberal Arts Program, students and faculty form a close intellectual and creative community. Our common goal is to make connections across the fields of learning and artistic pursuits. We read and talk about great works of human imagination and reasoning (works of philosophy, literature, drama, history, art, and science). We explore the issues posed by those works. And we master the intellectual skills of inquiry, analysis, argument, and expression needed for success in this exploration as well as for success in the university and in life.


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