Interdisciplinary Humanities PhD Program

Faculty of Humanities

Interdisciplinary Humanities PhD Program

Why Choose This Program?

Students integrate their passions and interests with their research in our unique Interdisciplinary Humanities PhD program. Brock University makes students feel welcome and at home in our friendly, community-like environment. Brock gives students a small town feel while providing them with worldwide connections and opportunities through faculty, conferences and more.


  • Students have the opportunity of presenting papers at various conferences and symposia, both local (at Brock) and across North America and Europe.
  • There are many TA opportunities in departments closest to student backgrounds.
  • We offer Teaching apprenticeships that allow students to work closely with a faculty member and the CPI to learn how to design and deliver a course, and to create a teaching portfolio.
  • Some students have worked with faculty on various research projects.
  • Some students have helped professors to organize conferences and in one case spearheaded an international conference (see Thinking Through Deleuze).

Research at Brock

  • The HRI (Humanities Research Institute) at Brock offers some support for travel to present papers at professional conferences. It also provides for opportunities to present research in research symposia.
  • Student office space is available to conduct research, write papers, etc.
  • The interdisciplinary nature of the program means that students have access to various research centres depending on their supervisors and other faculty members with whom they may work and collaborate (see list of participating faculty).