Considering Co-op?

Co-op Programs

Considering Co-op?

What is Co-op Education?

According to the Canadian Association For Co-operative Education (CAFCE), a "Co-operative Education Program" is an educational program which alternates periods of academic study with periods of work experience in appropriate fields of business, industry, government, social services and the professions in according to the following criteria:

  • Each work situation is developed and/or approved by the co-operative educational institution as a suitable learning situation;
  • The co-operative student is engaged in productive work rather than merely observing;
  • The co-operative student receives remuneration for the work performed;
  • The co-operative student's progress on the job is monitored by the co-operative educational institution;
  • The co-operative student's performance on the job is supervised and evaluated by the student's co-operative employer;
  • The time spent in periods of work experience must be at least thirty per cent of the time spent in academic study


Why Select a Program with a Co-op Major?

  • Enrich your academic studies by applying the concepts you have learned in class to your work experience.
  • Sample a variety of work placements and develop greater awareness of your interests, talents and future career path.
  • Gain up to 20 months work experience by the time you graduate and acquire an invaluable network which will dramatically increase your chances of obtaining employment upon graduation.
  • Earn an income to finance your education and reduce dependency on student loans.
  • Co-op students are typically more successful in securing full time permanent employment: Approximately 60 % of all new graduate jobs are filled by students with co-op work experience (CAFCE).


The Brock Co-op Advantage

  • Nearly 100 % placement rates for students across all programs — one of the highest and most consistent placement rates in the country.
  • Some of the most exciting and rewarding opportunities with Canada’s top employers. We use our experience and resources to diligently screen all postings to ensure our students secure relevant and valuable workterms
  • Third largest co-op school in the province and fifth largest co-op school in Canada with one of the most diverse choices of Co-op Program Areas (39 programs available in total).
  • Unlike other institutions, employers recruiting at Brock University can extend offers at anytime; students are not required to wait for ranking deadlines to find out they have a job and employers continue to recruit from Brock to avoid the ranking and matching process used at other schools.
  • Brock’s Accounting co-op is the second largest program of its kind in Canada and is fully accredited by CPA Ontario.



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