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Brock encourages a heart for community and a head for innovation. Our passion drives us to discover, disseminate, and apply new knowledge. Improving quality of life through leading-edge research is what we’re all about.


Game changers

Our Cairns Family Health and Bioscience Research Complex raises the bar for big breakthroughs:

  • the insectiary-equipped Level 3 Containment Lab will enable scientists to study and control diseases like West Nile virus
  • the advanced Phytotron greenhouse will allow scientists to make anti-cancer medicines from plant materials and strengthen crops
  • the Biolinc Business Incubator creates partnerships between researchers and areas businesses

Researchers with multi-million-dollar grants are currently doing cutting-edge work in the areas of climate change and Canada’s water supply and demand. Our research spans a wide array of disciplines and topics.

We have eight Canada Research Chairs conducting innovative investigations across the board. 


Working shoulder-to-shoulder

Our transdisciplinary approach to research sets us apart. Experts from completely different disciplines – a biologist and a social scientist, for example – work shoulder-to-shoulder in labs, offices and even the lunchroom combining their expertise to come up fresh, new approaches to common problems.

Five new research hubs expand and disseminate expertise in biotechnology, health care, the environment, and social issues, building on the work of existing transdisciplinary groups.

Brock is committed to enhancing research excellence, and we are making our mark.


The Office of Research Services offers researchers advice and administrative support in a number of areas including application processes and financial management. ORS collaborates with industrial partners and liaises with national granting councils and provincial agencies in the negotiation of research contracts. We also work to raise the profile of research in all faculties and increase the number of international research and development projects led by Brock researchers.


Brock University’s Vice-President of Research is Dr. Gary Libben, a psycholinguist, scholar, and academic administrator who is a leader in advancing transdisciplinary research. The Office of the Vice-President Research has worked with the university community to develop Vision 2020: the Brock Research Plan.