James A. Gibson Library




Practical information about copyright for faculty, instructors, and teaching assistants


Options for Distributing Course Materials - coursepacks, library reserves and posting materials on Isaak/Sakai.

Teaching in the Classroom - using copyright materials in the classroom, including playing films, using Internet materials and distributing handouts.

Copyright and Your Isaak/Sakai Course Site - what can be posted to Isaak/Sakai and when to use alternatives such as linking.

Copyright Basics for Teaching Assistants - as it applies to copyright in the classroom and on Isaak/Sakai.





How copyright may affect research, coursework, and publishing


Copyright in Research and Publishing - use of copyright materials in research and copyright considerations in publishing.

Using Other People's Copyright in MRPs and Theses - third-party materials in coursework, reports, and theses, and getting permission.

Faculty Ownership of Copyright Materials - faculty rights to the copyright materials you create at Brock.

Student Ownership of Copyright Materials - what rights you have in the copyright materials you create at Brock.





General information and resources on copyright including news, contacts, and FAQs


Copyright News & Events - the latest updates and details of upcoming workshops and events.

Copyright FAQ - comprehensive list of questions and answers on copyright. 

Brock's Fair Dealing Policy - the policy and top 10 FAQ.

Copyright Resources - such as workshop slides, flow-charts, and videos to help you understand and apply copyright at Brock, and further readings on copyright. 

Copyright Contacts @ Brock - who to contact at Brock for questions about copyright.