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Not getting OSAP this year?

If you don't need OSAP this year, but have previous OSAP loans, you can keep your OSAP interest free and out of repayment while you are still in school. You'll need to fill out a "request for continuation of interest-free status" form - but we can only process it *after* you are back in school. To get the form, download it from our OSAP forms page (right at the bottom of the page) - or visit us in our office to fill one out in person.

OSAP is on the way!
We've already confirmed OSAP for thousands of students, and the first payments are starting to arrive. Keep an eye on your bank account and your student account for the payments.

If you submitted your OSAP application this month, it may still be processing. Check your status online at for details.

Haven't applied yet? Need help? Start with our handy OSAP step-by-step guide!

Future Students!

Visit for student awards and financial aid information geared to prospective students.

Canada Post Offices - OSAP Processing

Don't know where to process your Master Student Financial Assistance Agreement? Visit an authorized Canada Post Office to process your OSAP documents.

Credit request
If you have a credit on your account from a scholarship, bursary, or student loan, here's how you request a refund.
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