Task Force members and their Working Group

In June 2013, President Jack Lightstone asked a Task Force of Brock faculty, students and staff to conduct a Program Review of all administrative and academic programs, units and services across the University.

The Task Force is in turn being supported in this initiative by a Working Group of Brock faculty and staff from a wide variety of disciplines.

The Task Force consists of:


  • Neil McCartney (Provost and VP, Academic)
  • Brian Hutchings (VP, Finance and Administration)

Members (in alphabetical order)

  • Tom Arkell (Associate VP, University Services)
  • Barb Davis (University Registrar)
  • Jory Korobanik (President, Graduate Students’ Assn)
  • Jane McLeod (Associate Professor of History)
  • Cooper Millard (President, Brock University Students’ Union)
  • Bozidar Mitrovic (Professor of Physics)
  • Susan Sydor (Chair of Senate, and Associate Dean of Faculty of Education)
  • Mary-Louise Vanderlee (Associate Professor of Graduate and Undergraduate Studies in the Faculty of Education)

The Working Group consists of:

Internal consultant

  • David Siegel (Professor of Political Science)

Members (in alphabetical order)

  • Grant Armstrong (Director, Organizational Development)
  • Bryan Boles (Associate VP, Finance)
  • Kevin Cavanagh (Director, Communications)
  • Audrey Fehlow (Director, Application Development)
  • Greg Finn (Vice Provost and Associate VP, Academic)
  • Gloria Gallagher (Associate Registrar)
  • Darren Harper (Associate VP, Human Resources)
  • Carrie Kelly (Manager, Officer of research Services)
  • Juan Xu (Director, Institutional Analysis and Planning)

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