Teachers get ready for back to school

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Teachers get ready for back to school

Published on August 21 2013

It was back to school on August 20, but not for the usual suspects.

Instead of students arriving at the Hamilton Campus on Tuesday for their Beginning of Program, it was faculty; over 100 in attendance.

With new instructors and faculty advisors beginning their day just after 8 a.m., the familiar faces began filling the halls – eventually the gym and cafeteria – just after 9 when the day’s proceedings truly began.

Dr. Sheila Bennett, Chair of the Department of Teacher Education, welcomed her colleagues to a new year noting that “students will be coming in next week and they will be excited and enthusiastic – and I know you will be too”.

Dr. Bennett also invited her colleagues to join the conversation as the Teacher Education program changes and evolves, relying on the knowledge and experience of those in the room.

“You all come from a variety of backgrounds and I want you to feel like you have an input,” she said. “I want to welcome you to the conversation.”

After the brief introduction to the year, faculty were directed to the cafeteria, which on Tuesday doubled as an arena of knowledge and information, with the IRC, Computer Services and administrative staff all prepared to help ease the beginning of the year pains with helpful knowledge, tips and tricks.

The information sessions in the cafeteria were new this year and very well-received.

As the day continued the faculty enjoyed lunch and catching up with one another before proceeding to faculty advisor and divisional meetings that were taking place in the afternoon.

With the faculty’s Beginning of Program meeting is wrapped up, preparations are now in the works for welcoming the students back on August 27, with both the St. Catharines and Hamilton campus playing host to Faculty of Education students.



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Learning all around

Faculty members had an opportunity to have all their questions answered at the information sessions provided in the cafeteria