Academic-Zone Online Interactive Tutorials


A-Z Learning Services offers online interactive skill tutorials on academic writing, grammar, numeracy, and science that engage students through video, examples, and game-like exercises. Our Academic-Zone modules provide students with the fundamental skills needed for successful academic writing and mathematical operations.


Your professors can request Academic-Zone access for your class. Another option is to visit our Drop-In Learning Centre in the Learning Commons and we’ll register you online.


Complete the Faculty Service Request Form below or email learning@ to request an Academic-Zone access code for your class. Reward and encourage student participation using Academic-Zone’s online built-in quizzes. Participation and quiz scores are tracked automatically from the website.


Academic-Zone Modules:


Numeracy-Zone: Calculations, Algebra, Statistics

Science-Zone: Lab Reports


Essential English Grammar (ESL Focus)

Advanced Grammar

Business Grammar

Business Formats

Essay-Zone: Aboriginal Focus

Faculty Service Request Form

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Student using Academic-Zone: Essay-Zone: Aboriginal Focus

Student using Academic-Zone: Essay-Zone: Aboriginal Focus