Accounts and Passwords

Accounts and Passwords


A valid CAMPUS ID is required to log on to many services at Brock University.  A CAMPUS ID is assigned when students register or when faculty and staff are hired.

All CAMPUS account passwords expire after 120 days.  By default, notifications are displayed within the portal and sent to the account holder’s e-mail account 15 days before the password expires.  It is important to change your password before it expires.  To change your password, log into the portal and select the “My Profile” link at the top of the page.


Account Activation

Users who have not yet activated their CAMPUS ID may use the Brock Portal ( to do so.  Information on activating a CAMPUS ID account can be found here.  Visit the Student Support Desk in the Computer Commons (Scotiabank Hall) if you are having difficulty activating your account.


Password requirements

New passwords must contain at least 3 different types of characters (i.e. lowercase, uppercase, numbers or special characters such as "!", "@", "#", etc.) and be between 8 and 30 characters in length.

An example of a valid password would be "T3nnis$tar". To create a valid password, use the first letters of words in easily remembered phrases to help come up with passwords that are both secure and easily recalled. For example "The cow jumps over the Brock Tower!" would be "TcjotBT!".

** Please note that "T3nnis$tar" and any other examples on this site will be rejected. Passwords cannot contain the character '\' (backslash), ' * ' (star) or a space and cannot be based on your first name, middle name, last name, email address, or login ID.  The last 24 passwords are remembered and cannot be used.


Reset Password

CAMPUS ID passwords can be reset on the Brock Portal ( 

Students can visit the Student Support Desk in the Computer Commons (Scotiabank Hall) if you are having difficulty resetting your password or if you have forgotten your secret question.

Faculty or Staff members who are having trouble logging in or have forgotten their password need to contact the ITS HelpDesk (ext. 4357) during business hours.


Self-Help Information