Co-op Fees and Work Term Registration

Co-op Programs

Co-op Fees and Work Term Registration


Fee Information 

As with all co-op programs in Canada, Brock has established fees which are comparable to other post secondary institutions offering co-op education. All co-op students pay an administrative fee in addition to regular tuition. This fee helps the University to recover a portion of the cost of maintaining and promoting co-op programs. Administrative costs include salaries, travel expenses, telephone charges and the printing and mailing of résumés and promotional materials. Brock does not receive any government assistance to operate co-op.

To ease payments for you and your family, installments have been divide to coincide with certain co-op activities as indicated in the chart below:


$750.00 (usually year 1)
YEAR 2 (ON90) $750.00 (usually year 2)

Applicable half credit fee (usually year 2)


Applicable half credit fee (usually year 3)


Applicable half credit fee (usually year 4)


Applicable half credit fee

If you decided to pursue a 4th or 5th work term,  fees charged will be according to the rates that are in effect at the time the work term takes place. Please note: The installments charged in Year 1 and Year 2 are non-refundable.  Fees are subject to change. Please see Schedule of Fees for additional information.

Information related to student health service fees can be found at

Work Term Registration

For every work term which you secure, you need to register it using the student self serve system found on It is recommended that work terms be registered as soon as you have signed an offer of employment.  Each work term had a unique code based on your program of study and work term number.

Undergraduate Student Registration:

For example: Business students wishing to register a first work term would use ADMI 0N11. In order to determine the appropriate code to use, please refer to your program in the Undergraduate Calendar. You will notice beside work term codes another code starting with 2C**. Please disregard the 2C** code (the system will automatically assign this code once the appropriate work term code has been registered).

 Graduate Student Registration:

Students enrolled in graduate programs in the Faculty of Business must enroll in 5N11 for their 1st work term.  Students in longer work terms will also need to enrol in 5N12 and/or 5N13.  MBE students must enrol in 5N01 for their first work term.  Subsequent work terms would be 5N02 and 5N04.