Information for Students

Information for Students

Your life as a student will be filled with the often conflicting demands of study, work, and personal commitments that, at times, may cause you to struggle with priorities.

In addition, there are things that you may not know, that you should know. And, we at Brock University are here to help you achieve your academic success.

For example, you may not know:

·         It your responsibility to be aware of the University’s policy and procedures regarding Academic Integrity.

·         How to cite properly and paraphrase effectively.

·         The importance of asking questions to gain clarification.

·         The difference between collaboration and group work; and you may not be aware of the pit-falls when things go awry.

This is a lot of information; and it can be confusing to navigate your way through: it is, however, still your responsibility to be aware of what is expected of you.

There are many resources and supports available to you on campus. Please refer to the “Places to go for Help” page.


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"Quote" of the Month

"Integrity without knowledge is weak and useless, and knowledge without integrity is dangerous and dreadful."

- Samuel Johnson