Board of Trustees

Board of Trustees

In accordance with the Brock University Act, the Board of Trustees is responsible for the government, conduct, management and control of the University and of its property, revenues, expenditures, business and affairs.

The Board of Trustees consists of 32 members. There are 21 community members elected by the Board, as well as three Brock students, three faculty members and three staff members elected by their respective constituencies. The Chancellor, and the President and Vice-Chancellor, are ex officio members of the Board.

The full Board generally meets five times per year to conduct business and also meets for an annual orientation and a strategic issues session.

The Board has a structure of six standing Committees and two subcommittees. They include:

  • Executive Committee
    • Senior Staff Compensation Sub-Committee
  • Strategic Planning Committee
  • Capital Infrastructure Committee
  • Financial Planning, Investment and Human Resources Committee
    • Pension Sub-Committee
  • Audit
  • Governance/Nominating Committee

The Board is governed by The Brock University Act, its General Bylaws and the Faculty Handbook. The Act is a provincial statute incorporating Brock University. The bylaws prescribe the procedures, policies and operation of the Board, for example, powers of the Board, general rules of procedure at meetings, election of members, committee structure and composition, and the execution of documents. The Faculty Handbook is divided into three main sections including University Government, Senate Bylaws and Academic Regulations.   

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