Thank You For Telling Us What You Think!

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Thank You For Telling Us What You Think!

Published on January 21 2013

 In July 2012, James A. Gibson Library launched SuperSearch, a new multidisciplinary research tool featured prominently on the Library Homepage. Users can now search across dozens of databases simultaneously and access articles, books, and more all in one place! We’ve come a long way since the card catalogue

Over six months, we collected feedback from students, faculty, and staff that has helped us to improve the tool and better understand how you use it.

Congratulations to the five lucky respondents who won a $25 Campus Store or iTunes gift cards: 

(Dr. Michael Ripmeester (Summer draw), Ana, Wagner (Sept.), Chantel Eynon (Oct.), Kalvin Coria (Nov.), & Brittany Havers (Dec.).

Here’s what some of you had to say:

“It pulls up a wide array of relevant articles.   I also like how it will suggest categories when I am typing my search words into the box in the advanced search.  It helps me narrow down what I want.” – Undergraduate Student

“Awesome! Finally something, simple, fast, and easy to use.” – Undergraduate Student

“I liked the filters, and how easy they were use” – Graduate Student

 “I have used Supersearch just once, but I am impressed with the quality and quantity of information it found.  I would recommend keeping this useful piece of software.” – Faculty Member

Now that our monthly draw has come to an end, SuperSearch will be dropping the ‘beta’ from its name and is ready to act as your “first stop” for research and discovery!   Though the prizes are gone, don’t hesitate to use the blue “Tell Us What You Think” link in SuperSearch to provide ongoing feedback.

Want to learn more about what SuperSearch offers?  Check out the FAQ.  Happy Searching!

                                                                ~The Library

Thank You For Telling Us What You Think!