Video Conferencing / Teleconferencing

Video Conferencing / Teleconferencing

Video Conferencing

A videoconference is a conference call between two or more remote sites, where participants communicate via video and audio. Multipoint conferences involve three or more participants. Brock University utilizes the high bandwidth capabilities of the Internet, particularly the Orion and CA*net4 broadband networks, to enable videoconferencing using internet protocol (IP). Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN), or digital telephone networking is not available at Brock University. Bridging services are available through a third party at a cost to the end user.

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Videoconferences at Brock University can currently be supported in Welch Hall 147, which seats 25 people.

Bookings outside of this space need to be coordinated through Jon Winterbottom in Audio Visual Services.

For a list of the National and International Networks, click below:

National and International networks

On line bookings can be made using the link below:

Video Conference Bookings - Welch Hall 147

Video Conference Bookings - Portable Setup



To set up a conference call, please use the webform below.

Please Note: A minimum of 24 hours notice is required to ensure your call can be set up successfully.

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