Students on Exchange/Study Abroad

Students on Exchange/Study Abroad

Funding is available for Brock students on an international exchange program through Student Loans, Scholarships, and Bursaries. For information on funding available for students visiting Brock on an exchange program, please contact us.


Returning Student Awards
Students on exchange programs are eligible to apply for our many scholarships and awards for returning Brock students. Visit our Awards Search page to find the awards best suited to you, and to apply online.

The Brock Scholars Award
If you are a recipient of one of our renewable Brock Scholars awards, you'll need to take the following steps to ensure that you get your scholarship renewals promptly:

  1. Be sure that your exchange courses are registered on your Brock transcript under a letter of permission.
  2. When you return to Canada, be sure that your passing marks are posted on your transcript as soon as they are available.

Bursaries are non-repayable grants offered to help students fund their education. Brock offers assistance for students going on a Brock Exchange program or approved Study Abroad Program.

International Mobility Award
Brock University provides a travel award of $1,000 to students registered full-time for two academic terms or more in an approved Student International Mobility program, and who demonstrate financial need.  Students registered for one academic term in an approved Student International Mobility program will receive financial support in the amount of $500. Students participating in Study Abroad Programs whose duration is less than one academic term will receive $250, subject to budget approval. Students in approved graduate student international mobility programs will also be considered for this award.

Students must demonstrate financial need in order to receive this award. For this purpose, financial need is defined as being eligible for OSAP or the 30% off Ontario Tuition Grant during the exchange year, or the year immediately prior to the exchange. Funding through financial aid programs offered through other Canadian Provinces will also grant eligibility.

The Office of International Services or your study abroad program leader will forward the names of all eligible recipients to Student Awards and Financial Aid for disbursement of the award.

Goodman School of Business International Exchange Award
Students enroled in the Goodman School of Business will receive a travel bursary at the same value as the applicable International Mobility Award (above). Students do not need to demonstrate financial need in order to receive the Goodman School of Business International Exchange Award, and may receive this award in addition to the International Mobility Award, if eligible for both.

General and Donor Bursaries
Other bursaries are available, based on application. Students only need to complete one application to be considered for all of our bursary programs. The application for 2014/2015 Fall-Winter session opens on August 1st, 2014 and closes April 15th, 2015. The deadline for most donor bursaries is October 15th. Just head to, and select "OneApp" from the quick links on the right to get started.

Student Loans - OSAP

What is OSAP?
If you’ve never applied for OSAP, now might be a good time to start. OSAP is a financial aid program funded by the Federal and Provincial government for Ontario students in postsecondary studies. The OSAP application bundles loan, grant and bursary programs in one form. Loans are interest free during full time study, and grant funding is not repayable. Funding available through the program is up to $15,000 for single students.

How do I get it?
In order to access funding, you'll need to apply online at Because you are going on exchange, you'll need to keep a few extra details in mind while filling out the application:

  1. Apply early – you'll want your app submitted by the end of June so that we can sort out any issues before you leave.
  2. Select “Brock International Exchange” as your program.
    1. If you are going on a one term exchange, and studying at Brock for the other term, you may put in two applications – one for each term. Be sure to select the correct program for each application.
  3. Watch your email for updates from our office. OSAP won’t be able to give you an estimate of funding until we update your file to confirm the dates of your exchange.
  4. Make sure your application is complete before you leave! If you still have issues to sort out, be sure you get in touch with our office via email so we can help.
  5. Get your money. You should see your funds transfer within 3-10 days of the start of term.

Students with previous OSAP loans who are not receiving OSAP for the exchange term must be sure to complete a  Continuation of Interest Free Status/Confirmation of Enrolment (Schedule 2) form to keep their previous loans in good standing during the exchange. Submit this form to Student Awards and Financial Aid as soon as possible.

Continuation of Interest Free Status/Confirmation of Enrolment (Schedule 2)