Community Engagement

Community Engagement

We have made community outreach one of the four pillars of our academic plan, alongside core priorities of research, graduate studies and teaching/learning. We know that community outreach benefits everyone, and we are committed to strengthening that bond. Here are some ways we contribute to the community:

Arts & Cultural Renaissance

 Supporting Healthy Communities

Creating & Sharing Knowledge through Innovation

Learning beyond the Classroom

Opening our doors to the

Some of the priorities Brock embraces in order to serve as a resource for the broader community include:

  • expanding opportunities for community members to be engaged in University programs of all kinds
  • encouraging student leadership in local, national and international activities through research, development and social advocacy
  • developing mentorship programs with alumni, and with corporate and community partners
  • collaborating with others to develop business incubators to help research and innovative projects create employment opportunities in our region and beyond.