Welcome to the Niagara Community Observatory

Welcome to the Niagara Community Observatory

We are a unit of Brock University. We work in partnership with the Niagara community to foster, produce, and disseminate evidence-based research on current and emerging issues.

Welcome, to our new director!

Dr. Barry Wright, Associate Professor in the Faculty of Business, has been named the NCO's new director.



Policy Brief No. 17 - Cycle Tourism in the Niagara Parks  was released in November. You can find it on our Policy Briefs & Activities page.

The NCO and Niagara Parks Commission worked in conjunction, discussing the strengths and challenges of cycle tourism along the Niagara Parkway. 

Current Projects

Niagara's Interactive Digital Media Industry by Dr. Jeff Boggs (Geography) to be released May 2 and Sport Legacy in Niagara: Before and After 2015 by Dr. Martha Barnes (Rec & Leisure) and Dr. Carol Phillips (Office of the NCO) to be released May 30




There are no events at this time.