Setting the stage for Congress 2014 at Brock University

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Setting the stage for Congress 2014 at Brock University

Published on May 20 2014

With ten days to go and with registration at more than 7,000 attendees, Brock is busily preparing to host Congress 2014 - the largest academic gathering of its kind in Canada.

“In the lead-up to and during Congress, our campus will be completely transformed and reconfigured to accommodate the burst of creative energy that this event will bring to Niagara,” says Brad Clarke, Brock’s project manager for the event.

“It’s kind of like when a sports organization switches over a playing field from a hockey rink to a basketball court, or vice versa. It’s a completely different game.”

“Though we welcome thousands of conference guests to Brock each year,” adds Clarke, “this is the single largest conference our University has hosted since the last time Congress, then The Learneds, came to campus in 1996.”

The annual Congress of the Federation for the Humanities and Social Sciences brings together 70 learned societies and associations to share findings, refine ideas and build partnerships that will help shape the Canada of tomorrow.

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