Program Coordinator sees unique opportunities in the Reading Clinic

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Program Coordinator sees unique opportunities in the Reading Clinic

Published on January 17 2014

After completing Teacher’s College Jessica Dunn-Domanico was drawn to the work being done at the Faculty of Education’s Reading Clinic and shared in one of its major passions: helping struggling readers strive.

Dunn-Domanico has spent the last seven years as the Clinic’s Program Coordinator and has witnessed firsthand the constant evolution of how literacy skills can be taught.

In the past 4 years the tutoring program has shifted to embrace both a cognitive emphasis on reading and a new literacy understating of reading; specifically 21st century understandings of reading as a social practice.

“Tutoring has grown to five nights per week and new technologies have also been incorporated with tutors bringing laptops, iPads, and other technologies,” says Dunn-Domanico.

The Clinic, servicing those from kindergarten through high school, offers three programs (the Reading Support Program, the Math Support Program and full literacy assessments) that help students develop further understanding and application of literacy.

All programs are tailored to each client, a function that helps solidify the success of the programs.

“I believe our greatest function is the support we provide to all our clients,” says Dunn-Domanico. “Our Ability to cater to the needs of our students and provide individualized programming for each and every one of our clients in one of the best and unique things about the Reading Clinic.”

One of the clinic’s most unique attributes is the active approach they take with their clients, ensuring that the learning and practice that takes place is done so in a way that their clients are participating in hands-on activities.

“We cater the tutoring sessions to what the child needs as far as literacy or math instruction goes,” says Dunn-Domanico. “Each child is different and therefore will have different needs when they come to us for help – what works for one child may or may not work for another and our tutors work to figure out the best way to help them.”

Dr. Jennifer Rowsell, Canada Research Chair in Multiliteracies and Professor in the Department of Teacher Education, was recently named the new director of the Reading Clinic, an opportunity she is thrilled to begin.

“The Clinic has been an important fixture within the Faculty of Education and it is an honour to direct and develop partnerships with the Centre for Multiliteracies,” says Rowsell. “I look forward to working with Jessica and Terry and the tutors on new initiatives and continued great work focusing on children’s reading development - we have just started a math tutoring program to add to our community outreach.”

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