Program Review team gets busy mapping out the process (July 5)

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Program Review team gets busy mapping out the process (July 5)

Published on July 12 2013

The task force and its working group undertaking a Program Review at Brock have held a second week of planning meetings as they continue to discuss specific criteria that could be used in the exercise.  

The groups are in the early stages of defining the review process, and will be communicating to the Brock community about the process details when the process has been finalized.

The review will be conducted under tight timelines, as the process must be completed in time for submission of a report to the Board of Trustees in December 2013. However, the task force and its working group will continue to meet frequently in the coming days and weeks, and will give the Brock community as much advance notice as possible of the process details.

The task force is aware of the workloads that are already prevalent at the University, so that when the task force asks for information:

·      it will be careful to ask for only as much information as is needed

·      it will procure as much information as possible in a central fashion from Finance, Human Resources, Institutional Analysis and Planning and other relevant departments; and

·      it will also provide advice and support to those providing information for use in the review.

In a parallel development, Associate Vice-President of Finance Bryan Boles will be meeting with Faculty budget officers to discuss their role in the process.