Computer Laptop Lending Policy

James A. Gibson Library

Computer Laptop Lending Policy

All laptop users are expected to abide by the University's Academic Computing Behavior Policy, and the Library's Code of Conduct, and Food and Beverage Consumption Policy.

  1. LIABILITY: The user agrees to assume any and all legal liability for the cost of repair or replacement in the event of loss due to theft, damage, negligence or misuse. The Library will not assume responsibility for lost files due to viruses, hardware failure and network interruptions.
  2. ELIGIBILITY: Laptop computer loans are restricted to current Brock University students, staff and faculty. As stipulated in the Library's Borrowing Policy, users who fail to return overdue recalled items and/or have fees in excess of $10 lose their library borrowing privileges and must settle all accounts before a laptop can be signed out.
  3. BROCK ID: Laptops are available for loan on a first-come, first-served basis at the Circulation Desk. Eligible users MUST present their valid Brock University photo ID card without exception, when requesting a laptop.
  4. LOAN PERIOD: The loan period for laptops is 4 hours and may be borrowed overnight and for use outside of the Library.  Laptops signed out within four hours of closing time will be due back one hour after the library opens the next day. 
  5. LENDING AGREEMENT FORMS: On the first occasion users sign out a laptop and annually thereafter, they will be required to read and sign a Laptop Computer Lending Agreement Form. The form will be kept on file for the remainder of the academic year, after which time it will be disposed of in a secure manner.
  6. RENEWALS: Renewals must be conducted in-person at the Circulation Desk with laptop in hand and depend on availability, and/or the absence of other users waiting to sign out this equipment.
  7. ADVANCE BOOKING: Holds or advance bookings are not available.
  8. FEES: An overdue fee of $10 per hour, or any portion thereof, with a maximum fine of $300 is in effect for the late return of laptops, as well as suspension of borrowing privileges.
  9. REPLACEMENT AND DAMAGE FEES: The user assumes full financial responsibility. The replacement charge for a laptop is $1,200.   Laptops 24 hours overdue will be assumed lost. Charges for missing laptop accessories also apply - $45, carrying case; $80, AC-adapter; $20, optical mouse. A repair fee will be levied for damaged laptops. Any laptop equipment malfunctions should be reported immediately to library staff.
  10. RETURNS: Laptop computers must be returned in-person to staff at the Circulation Desk. Users will be required to wait momentarily so that staff can verify that all laptop accessories have been returned. Rebooting laptops will restore the hard drive and desktop to a "clean" state, so documents should not be saved on the laptop. All user files will be deleted and cannot be recovered.


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