Outbound Student Exchanges

Experience the world!

Why should I go on exchange?

Immerse yourself in another country!! As a Brock student, you have the opportunity to study, travel and make lifelong friends around the world. Learn more about yourself, become more independent and give your Brock degree an international edge.  Share your Canadian culture abroad and, in return, experience the culture, lifestyle, and people of another country!




Take advantage of these opportunities to earn credit toward your degree while gaining a cultural and personal perspective in your life. Participating on an exchange is a fun and life-changing way to broaden your horizons academically, geographically and culturally.

Please visit the 'Outbound Exchange Information' section located on the left for more information about requirements, partner institutions, course transfer information, etc.

We are currently holding interviews to place students on exchange for the 2014-2015 semesters. If you would like to participate on an exchange in 2014-2015 please email exchanges@brocku.ca about which partner institutions are still available to apply for.