University Web Content Management System (CMS)

University Web Content Management System (CMS)

When content is focused on an outside audience — current and potential students and faculty, parents, donors and friends of the University — use Brock's web content management system (CMS) for your site.

About the CMS

  • Drupal is the CMS we use for
  • Brock started implementing Drupal in 2009 after a thorough review of all our options.
  • Marketing and Communications partners with Information Technology Services to manage the implementation of Drupal.
  • Drupal is easy to use. Users with minimal technical skill can use it to update web pages.
  • Drupal is web based, so you can use it on almost any computer.
  • Drupal is accessible. It has a lot of tools to make the site accessible to those with disabilities.
  • The CMS templates give the whole site a consistent look and feel, but you can customize parts of your page.
  • To work in Drupal, all that's required is a CMS account and a brief training session.
  • To request a CMS account and training session, go to the web training request form.

Please note: The CMS is only available to faculty and staff users, although graduate and undergraduate students working within departments could also be eligible for accounts.

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