Welcome to the Niagara Community Observatory

Welcome to the Niagara Community Observatory


Click here to see our infographic on Federal Election Voter Turnout in Niagara 2004-2011.


The NCO is a unit of Brock University. We work in partnership with the Niagara community to foster, produce, and disseminate evidence-based research on current and emerging issues.

NCO Director

 Dr. Barry Wright, Associate Professor, Goodman School of Business.

Latest News . . .

The NCO is excited to simultaneously release its two latest policy briefs -- Moving Niagara Towards a Knowledge Economy and the companion piece Niagara's Changing Economic Structure.

Moving Niagara Towards a Knowledge Economy, policy brief #23, was written by Brock University associate professor of political science Charles Conteh with Wendy Dueck, a development officer at Niagara College. The brief argues that Niagara needs to develop a "knowledge" economy that would build on the region's strengths in agriculture, tourism and its geographic location as a border community.

Niagara's Changing Economic Structure was researched and written in a partnership between the NCO and the Niagara Workforce Planning Board, by NWPB research and projects manager Adam Durrant with NCO research assistant Carol Phillips. The brief provides an overview of the employment trends in Niagara from 2004 to 2014. Of note, manufacturing jobs continue to decline in this region while there have been job gains in construction as well as the service sectors of health care and social assistance, food services and accommodation; and public administration. 

Both policy briefs were distributed at the Niagara Economic Summit, hosted by the Greater Niagara Chamber of Commerce, on Friday, Oct. 30.



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