Facilities management saves Brock $30K, wins awards

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Facilities management saves Brock $30K, wins awards

Published on November 01 2013

There’s something cool happening at the Central Utilities Building.

Facilities Management has found a way to reduce the amount of water needed to keep the engines cool in the University’s co-generation power plant, cutting water use by 10,500 cubic metres and saving Brock $30,000 in the process.

The savings came after partnering earlier this year with General Electric (GE) on a new system through which cool water cycles five times, up from three times previously.

Water can be reused more often thanks to a more precise process that monitors and controls its quality. The water is also treated to help prevent corrosion and scaling, which will save more money on equipment replacement in the future.

The efforts, spearheaded by GE and Brock’s mechanical services team, earned the University two awards from the company, which were presented Wednesday.

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