Brock Adopts New Fair Dealing Policy

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Brock Adopts New Fair Dealing Policy

Published on March 08 2013

On February 14, 2013, Brock's Board of Trustees Financial Planning, Investment and Human Resources Committee approved a new Fair Dealing Policy. The new policy gives guidance to faculty and staff when copying and sharing copyright materials under the fair dealing exception in the Copyright Act and replaces a previous policy which had become outdated due to developments in case law and changes to legislation.

The policy, which has already been adopted by other universities, colleges and schools across Canada, is expected to provide Brock instructors with much more flexibility and certainty when sharing copies of materials with students. It allows instructors to copy short excerpts of materials, such as one chapter per book, one article per journal issue or up to 10% of a work, and share the excerpts with students through Isaak/Sakai, as a print handout or in coursepacks.

For further information about the Policy, visit our Fair Dealing Website, or contact Upcoming workshops explaining the policy will be offered by the Library and the Centre for Pedagogical Innovation. Slides from a January workshop are available here.