NOTICE: Drinking water issues in Cairns Complex (Feb. 21)

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NOTICE: Drinking water issues in Cairns Complex (Feb. 21)

Published on February 21 2013

Drinking fountains in the Cairns Family Health and Bioscience Research Complex are temporarily being taken out of service. Users of the facility are also being advised not to consume water from kitchens or washrooms in the building until further notice.

This is due to higher-than-expected levels of lead in the water, which were discovered during regular testing.

Additional water tests will take place this week to determine the cause of the issue. Plumbing fixtures and equipment using water in the building are also being flushed.

Lab results will be completed early next week and they will be communicated once they are available. This data will also help to determine the next steps to fix the problem.

Read the full notice about this issue on Facilities Management’s website.