James A. Gibson Library



The Niagara Collection

The Niagara Collection was established in 1967 as a working special collection that depicts the development of the Niagara Peninsula from the earliest times to the present.  The coverage is comprehensive and includes primary and secondary sources on: settlement, geography, geology, military history (including the War of 1812), Loyalists, economics/business, urban renewal, environment, arts, literature, leisure, the Welland Canal, the grape and wine industry and anything else related to the Niagara area.



Autism Collection

The Autism Collection brings together archival materials that chronicles the history of this disorder.  The focus of the collection includes the records of those individuals and organizations that live and work with ASD, the scientific research on autism, a look at autism in popular culture, and the rare published works on ASD.

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 War of 1812 Collection

The Special Collections and Archives possess a strong assembly of primary and secondary records contemporary to the War of 1812 and many research materials written afterwards.

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The Loyalist Collection

It is estimated that approximately five thousand refugees choosing to remain loyal to the British Crown settled in Niagara at the conclusion of the American Revolution in 1783. This collection provides an insight into their history as they developed this region, province and country.

These materials are actively being gathered by the Friends of the Loyalist Collection at Brock University.  For more information about the Friends, visit their website -

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The Masonic Collection

The Masonic Collection began when the late Charles Sankey, a former Chancellor at Brock University and a Mason, donated his extensive personal collection of Masonic literature to the James A. Gibson Library. Subsequently, a number of other Freemasons added more titles to the collection creating what is today one of the largest archives of Masonic material at a Canadian university.

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Brock University Archives

The University Archives contain historical materials related to the beginning and subsequent development of Brock University since 1957. Records include: Minutes of the University's governing bodies such as Board of Trustees, Senate and its sub-committees; records of the Founding President - James A. Gibson, publications from various academic departments and administrative offices; promotional literature; convocation programs; calendars; media releases; alumni publications; newsletters, photographs and much more.