Spring/Summer Courses 2013

Faculty of Humanities

Spring/Summer Courses 2013

The Faculty of Humanities is pleased to be offering a variety of Spring and Summer courses for 2013, including a new two-week 'Supercourse', ENGL 1F91 - English Literature: Tradition and Innovation, that provides students with a full Humanities context credit. Spring and Summer timetables will be posted on-line for students in early March. Registration for most programs commences in late March.

New for Spring/Summer 2013

Course Day/Time Course Name
VISA 1Q98 (D1) SU TR 1900-2200 Introduction to Visual Culture
VISA 1Q99 (D2) SP MW 1830-2130 Introduction to the History of Western Art

ENGL 1F91 (D1) SP

MTWRF 900-1800
two weeks
May 6-10, 13-17

English Literature: Tradition and Innovation
ENGL 1F91 Course Overview

INTC 2P16 (D2) SP TR 1900-2200 Introduction to Chinese Culture and Civilization


MTWRF 900-1600 The Art of the Clown-Doctor


You can also choose from our other popular Spring/Summer courses.

Course Day/Time
Course Name
PHIL 1F90 (DI) SP MW 1900-2100 Introduction to Philosophy: Philosophical Classics and Contemporary Life
PHIL 2P99 (D3) SP MW 1700-2000 Gender Ethics and Sexuality
PHIL 2P20 (D2) SP MW 1300-1600 Abrahamic Religious Thought
VISA 2F05 (D1) SP MW 900-1500 Introduction to Sculpture
VISA 2P99 (D2) SP TR 900-1500 Introduction to Sound Design
VISA 1P95 (D2) SP MW 900-1500 Introduction to Digital Images, Methods and Concepts
FREN 1F90 (D1) SP MW 1700-2100 Intermediate French
FREN 1F00 (D1) SP TR 1800-2200 Introductory French I
SPAN 1F00 (D1) SP TR 930-1330 Introductory Spanish Language
HIST 2Q90 (D2) SP MW 1900-2100 Canada: Nations Transformed
ENGL 1F95 (D1) SP TR 1900-2200 Literature in English: Forms, Themes and Approaches
ENGL 2P82 (D2) SP MW 1800-2200 Shakespeare's Comedies
ENGL 4V37 (D1) SP WWW (10 weeks) London: Monster City
ENGL 2P11 (D1) SU MW 900-1100 Young People's Literature after 1914
INTC 1P20 (D1) SU WWW Introduction to Global Transitions
CANA 1F91 (D1) SP MW 900-1200 Introduction to Canadian Studies
CLAS 1P91 (D2) SP MW 1300-1500 Greek Civilization
CLAS 2P34 (D2) SP TR 1500-1700 Cities and Sanctuaries of the Ancient World
CLAS 1P92 (D3) SP MW 1300-1500 Roman Civilization
CLAS 3M24 (D4) SP Overseas Study Tour to Turkey
LING 3V90 (D2) SP MW 1900-2200 Special Issues in Applied Linguistics
LING 1P00 (D2) SP TR 900-1100 American Sign Language I
LING 1P01 (D3) SP MW 900-1100 American Sign Language II
DART 1F01 (D8) SP MTWRF 900-1600 Acting for Non-Majors
DART 2F04 (D9) SP MTWRF 900-1600 Introduction to Physical Theatre
DART 3P91 SU Onsite - Stratford Shakespeare in Performance
DART 4P51 SU Onsite - Stratford Shakespeare: Voice and Text