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HRI Awards - June 2015
Research Awards
Lynn Arner (English Language and Literature) - Tracking in the Canadian Professoriate
Renée-Claude Breitenstein (Modern Languages, Literatures and Cultures) - Encomiastic Rhetoric in Printed Collections in Praise of Women published in the first half of the 16th Century (1493-1555)
Fanny Dolansky (Classics) - Daily Life of the Child at Rome
Mathew Martin (English Language and Literature) - George Peele's David and Bethsabe (1599) for Revels Editions (Manchester University Press)
Gyllian Raby (Dramatic Arts) - City Treaty in St. Catharines: Scenographic Installation
Shawn Serfas (Visual Arts) - Possible Object
Donna Szoke (Visual Arts) - Cloud Catalogue
Katharine von Stackelberg (Classics) - Housing the New Romans: Architectural Reception and Classical Style in the Modern World

Conferences, Colloquia & Speaker Awards
Gregory Betts/Natalee Caple/Ronald Cummings (English Language and Literature) - Harriet's Children: Race, Historical Memory and Futures in the Niagara Region
Roberto Nickel/Stephanie Culp, Graduate Student (Classics) - Experiencing Warfare in Antiquity Classics
Joe Norris/Yasmine Kandil (Dramatic Arts) - Active Citizenship through Drama in Education and Applied Theatre

HRI Awards - December 2014
Research Awards
Jessica Clark (History) - Hair Cropping in British West Indian Prisons, 1872-1901
Christine Daigle (Philosophy) - Of Aliens and Things: a Phenomenology for the Trans((subj)(obj))ective Being
Allison Glazebrook (Classics) - Houses of III-Repute: The Archaeology of Brothels, Houses and Taverns
Jane Koustas (Modern Languages, Literatures and Cultures) - Nancy Huston: Polyphony, Voice-Over, Translation as Selfie
Carrie Murray (Classics) - Brock University Archaeological Project at Pantelleria 2015
Olatunji Ojo (History) - Baby Factories: A New Phase in Child Trafficking in Nigeria
Angus Smith (Classics) - Excavations at the Minoan Town of Gournia in Crete, Greece - Summer 2015
Mark Spencer (History) - "To Seek Improvement": John Beale Bordley's (1727-1804) American Enlightenment
Donna Szoke (Visual Arts) - Invisible Histories App: Dissemination & Research Expansion; Cloud Residency

Conferences, Colloquia & Speaker Awards
Carrie Murray/Rick Mohammed, BUAS (Classics) - Myth: The Mighty and the Monstrous
Blayne Haggart/Gregory Betts (Canadian Studies) - Crossing Borders: Canada-US Relations in a Changing Continent
David Hutchison (Digital Humanities) - Digital Pedagogy Institute
Yasmine Kandil (Dramatic Arts) - Story, Drama, & Video in Personal and Social Contexts
Daniel Samson (History) - Refashioning Nature: Aesthetics, Culture, and Politics
HRI Awards - June 2014
Research Awards
Behnaz Mirzai (History) - Colonialism, Slavery and Emancipation in Iran 1800-1929
Joe Norris (Dramatic Arts) - Video Dissemination of Arts-based Research Processes
Cristina Santos (Modern Languages, Literatures and Cultures) - Virgin Envy: Contemporary Perspectives on Virginity
Donna Szoke (Visual Arts) - Final Intensive Print Production "Cloud"
Danielle Wilson (Dramatic Arts) - Harold Pinter's "The Dumb Waiter"

Conferences, Colloquia & Speaker Awards
Christine Daigle (Philosophy)/David Fancy (Dramatic Arts) - Thinking Through Deleuze: Nomadic Subjects, Global Citizenship and Posthumanism

HRI Awards - December 2013
Research Awards
Lynn Arner (English Language and Literature) - Working-Class Women in the Professoriate
Christine Daigle (Philosophy) - Nietzsche as Phenomenologist
Fanny Dolansky (Classics) - Roman children at play: realities and representations
Carry Murray (Classics) - Brock University Archaeological Project at Pantelleria
Felipe Ruan (Modern Languages, Literatures and Cultures) - The Mediating Bureaucrat: Shaping Knowledge and Culture in the Court of Philip II (1556-1598)
Donna Szoke (Visual Arts) - Invisible Histories: Locative Media App

Conference, Colloquia & Speaker Awards
Allison Glazebrook/Nick Hamilton, BUAS (Classics) - BUAS Scholarly Symposium
Allison Glazebrook/David Farag, Graduate Student (Classics) - Approaches to Ancient and Modern Slavery
Gregory Betts (Canadian Studies) - The 28th Two Days of Canada Conference: Avant Canada
Behnaz Mirzai (History) - African Diaspora
Behnaz Mirzai (History) - World History for Global Citizens

HRI Awards - June 2013
Research Awards
Jean Bridge (Visual Arts) - Research/Creative Project, engineering through the lens of nature
Gale Coskan-Johnson (English Language and Literature) - (II)legal, (Ir)regular, (un)documented: Rhetorics of Sovereignty and Transnational Migration
Lynn Dempsey (Applied Linguistics) - Establishing Evidence-Based Benchmarks for Service Delivery for Children with Language Impairments and others with Communication Disorders
Veena Dwivedi (Applied Linguistics) - The cerebral lateralization of language processing
Leah Knight (Visual Arts) - Reading Green in Early Modern England
Shawn Serfas (Visual Arts) - Tower and Line
Mark Spencer (History) - David Hume: Historical Thinker, Historical Writer

Conference, Colloquia & Speaker Awards
Gregory Betts (Canadian Studies) - The 27th Annual Two Days of Canada: Educating [in] Canada
Irene Blayer (Modern Languages, Literatures and Cultures) - Exploring the Portuguese Dispora
Karen Fricker (Dramatic Arts) - Performing arts criticism in the Niagara region: possible futures
Behnaz Mirzai (History) - Enslaved women and the politics of freedom in the Caribbean
Cristina Santos (Modern Languages, Literatures and Cultures) - Em/bodying Human Rights in Post-testimonio

HRI Awards - December 2012
Research Awards
Lynn Arner (English Language and Literature) - Chaucer and the Moving Image in pre-WWII America
Thomas Farrell (Applied Linguistics) - Novice ESL Teacher Induction In The First Year of Teaching
Elizabeth Greene (Classics) - Mending, drawing, and analysis of amphoras from the 6th-century BCE shipwreck at Pabuç Burnu, Turkey
Jane Koustas (Modern Languages, Literatures and Cultures) - Quebec and Irish Theatre: Beyond Nation and Nationalism/The Theatre of Larry Tremblay and Frank McGuinness
Gregor Kranjc (History) - Kocevski Rog: Confronting a Massacre, 1945-2010
Duncan MacDonald (Visual Arts) - Berlin Sound Studies Research Travel
Daniel Samson (History) - The James Burns Barry Diaries: The Worldviews of a 19th-Century Farmer, Miller, and Printer
Barbara Seeber (English Language and Literature) - The Slow Professor: Challenging the Culture of Speed in the Academy
Shawn Serfas (Visual Arts) - Tower and Line
Robert Angus K. Smith (Classics) - Excavations at the Minoan Town of Gournia in Crete, Greece - Summer 2013
Donna Szoke (Visual Arts) - Print Production "Cloud"

Conference, Colloquia & Speaker Awards
Michael J. Carter/BUAS (Classics) - Paidagogos: Education Ancient and Modern
Corrado Federici & Cristina Santos (Modern Languages, Literatures and Cultures) - Between Story and History: Umberto Eco in Text and Context
Robert Angus K. Smith/CIG (Classics) - Revelations and Revolutions

HRI Awards - June 2012
Research Awards
Tim Conley (English Language and Literature) – Useless Joyce: Cultural Properties and Textual Improprieties
Gale Coskan-Johnson (English Language and Literature) – Rhetorical analysis of the traveaux préparatoires that led to the Convention on Migrant Workers
Adam Dickinson (English Language and Literature) – The Polymers
Fanny Dolansky (Classics) – Women's roles in the care for the sick and prevention of illness in Roman households
Veena Dhar Dwivedi (Applied Linguistics) – The algorithmic processing of language and music
David Fancy (Dramatic Arts) – edition of Canadian Theatre Review

Conference, Colloquia & Speaker Awards
Renée Lafferty (Canadian Studies) – Two Days of Canada: Canada's Blooding: the History, Mythology, and Remembrance of the War of 1812

HRI Awards - December 2011
Research Awards
Duncan MacDonald (Visual Arts)– Situation Exchanges: Touring Exhibit
Joe Norris (Dramatic Arts) – Disseminating Participatory Performances in Printed Matter
Felipe Ruan (Modern Languages, Literatures and Cultures) – Mestizo Agency and the Polemics of Identity in Early Colonial Peru

Conference, Colloquia & Speaker Awards
Fanny Dolansky (Classics) – Gaia's First Element: The Importance of Water in the Ancient World
Behnaz Mirzai (History) – Baluchi Identity and Culture
Cristina Santos and Leslie Boldt (Modern Languages, Literatures and Cultures) – Music, Image and Silence: Studies in Comparative Literatures and the Arts
David Schimmelpenninck (History) - Russian History Symposium

HRI Awards - June 2011
Research Awards
Sandra Beckett (Modern Languages, Literatures and Cultures) - Revisioning Red Riding Hood
Fancy Dolansky (Classics) - Rome: A Sourcebook on the Ancient City
Veena Dwivedi (Applied Linguistics) - Understanding Number
David Hayes (Applied Linguistics) - non native speaking teachers of English
Leah Knight (English Language and Literature) - Text Life of a Renaissance Women
Merijean Morrissey (Visual Arts) - Navigator: etchings
Carmela Patrias (History) - Jobs and justice: Fighting Discrimination in Wartime Canada
Linda Steer (Visual Arts) - Found and Borrowed Photographs in French Surrealist Periodicals
Maria del Carmen Suescun Pozas (History) - Latin American Art & Visual Culture
Sherryl Vint (English Language and Literature) - Science Fiction: A Guide to the Perplexed
Barbra Zupan (Applied Linguistics) - non-verbal clues

Conference, Colloquia & Speaker Awards
Gregory Betts (Canadian Studies) - Two Days of Canada
Corrado Federici (Modern Languages, Literatures and Cultures) - Image & Imagery VI: Silence and the Silenced
Allison Glazebrook (Classics) - Feminism & Classics VI

HRI Awards - December 2010
Research Awards
Corrado Federici (Modern Languages, Literatures and Cultures)– Translation Projects
Duncan MacDonald (Visual Arts) – "Music Box Revolving Door"
Andrew McDonald (History) – Isle of Man
Olatunji Ojo (History) – “Gender Chaos, Hair Fashion and Marriage in Igbo Society”
Angus Smith (Classics) – Excavations at Gournia
Angus Somerville (English Language and Literature) – Translation of Abbot Niklaus’ Itinerary
Ning Wang (History) – "American Trained Scientists in Mao’s China"

Conference, Colloquia & Speaker Awards
Martin Danahay (Digital Humanities) – “Interacting With Immersive Worlds”
Susan Grouchy & BUAS (Classics) – “Pride & Prejudice” BUAS Scholarly Symposium
Cristina Santos (Modern Languages, Literatures and Cultures) – “From Mentoring to Collaboration and Beyond”

HRI Awards - June 2010 
Research Awards
Leslie Boldt (Modern Languages, Literatures and Cultures)— “Figuring it Out: Disfigurement in Twentieth– and Twenty-First Century Text and Image Production”
Keri Cronin (Visual Arts)— Reproducing images for two forthcoming books
Fanny Dolansky (Classics)– “Learning Letters and Forming Characters: The Rudiments of Education in the Roman World"
Veena Dwivedi (Applied Linguistics) - The Neurocognitive Processes of Language
Cristina Santos (Modern Languages, Literatures and Cultures)— “Monstrous Deviations in Literatures and the Arts”
Barnett Singer (History)— “Algeria and the French Sea Change: 1958—1962”
Maria del Carmen Suescun Pozas (History)— “Latin American Art & Visual Culture”
Barbra Zupan (Applied Linguistics)— “Perception of Bimodal Facial and Vocal Cues of Emotion in Adults With and Without Hearing Loss”

Conference, Colloquia & Speaker Awards
Renée-Claude Breitenstein (Modern Languages, Literatures and Cultures)— “Le choix de la langue dans la construction des publics en France à la Renaissance” (“The Choice of Language in the Construction of Publics in the French Renaissance”)
Fanny Dolansky and the Department of Classics— “Research Seminar Series”
Virginia Reh and David Vivian (Dramatic Arts)— “Lyric Canada 2010”

HRI Awards - December 2009
Research Awards
Keri Cronin— “Do Not Refuse to Look at These Pictures”: The Role of Visual Culture in 19th Century Animal Welfare Activism
Martin Danahay—Victorian Bodies: Ernst Schulz’s photographs and Hubert Von Herkomer’s “On Strike”
Adam Dickinson—Mer: Plastic Poetics
Tami J. Friedman—Communities in Competition: Capital Migration and Plant Relocation in the U.S. Carpet Industry, 1929 – 1975
Duncan MacDonald—Little Revolutions exhibit
Andrew McDonald (in collaboration with David Sharron) - Clopton Charter research
Hedy McGarrell—Undergraduates and Literature Reviews
Jane McLeod—Media and Monarchy: Printer Licensing in Early Modern France
Carol Merriam—The Sights of Rome: Translation and Illustrated Commentary of the Einsiedeln Itinerary
Elizabeth Neswald— The Foreign Laboratory Visits of Francis Gano Benedict
R. Angus K. Smith—The Humble Dead: Mortuary Ritual and Identity in the Aegean Late Bronze Age Hinterland
Barbara Zupan—Using emotional film clips to assess affect recognition and emotional responses in persons with and without traumatic brain injury

Conference, Colloquia & Speaker Awards
Gregory Betts—Grey Borders Reading Series
Veena Dwivedi– Department of Applied Linguistics Research Day
Tami Friedman—Two Days of Canada: The Sixties, Canadian-Style: Where Have all the Sixties Gone?
Elizabeth Greene & the Brock University Archaeological Institute—21st Annual Scholarly Symposium
Andrew McDonald—Brock’s Medieval Documents
Joe Norris - Advancing the Duoethnographic Methodology
Maria del Carmen Suescun Pozas—Visual Culture of the Americas workshop

HRI Awards - June 2009
Research Awards
Tim Conley—Joyce’s Disciples Disciplined
Fanny Dolansky—The Social Significance of Children's Toys in Roman Antiquity
Allison Glazebrook—The Greek Prostitute in Context
Andrew McDonald—Isle of Man Project
Andrew McDonald & Angus Somerville—The Clopton Charter
Merijean Morrissey—Dublin Art Project
Carmela Patrias—Working Class Immigrants and French Canadians in Niagara, 1900—1960
Maria del Carmen Suescun Pozas & Lesley Bell—Latin American Arts and Visual Culture Core Collection Digitizing Project
Richard Welland—Internet-based Questionnaire to Investigate Language Assessment Practices among Speech-Language
Pathologists in Canada and the United States

Conference, Colloquia & Speaker Awards
Fanny Dolansky & Dept. of Classics—Research Seminar Series
Fanny Dolansky & Lara Radloff—Moments of Transition in the Ancient World, Graduate Student Conference
Elizabeth Greene—Underwater Cultural Heritage Workshop
Leah Knight—Greenscapes Conference
Andrew McDonald—Lecture by Dr. David Caldwell
David Schimmelpenninck van der Oye—Contest for Continents

HRI Awards - December 2008
Research Awards
James Allard & Mathew Martin—Staging Pain: Violence and Trauma in British Theatre 1500-1800
Gregory Betts—PRECIPICe
Jean Bridge—New Conventions and Methodologies for the Preservation and Representation of Performative and Ephemeral Artworks
Carmella Collela—Study of Luisa Mussini Franchi
David Fancy—Khalida
Elizabeth Greene—Conservation of Ceramics
Glenys McQueen-Fuentes—The Role of Drama in Education
David Schimmelpenninck—Russia’s Great Game: The Politics of Tsarist Central Asian Expansion, 1700-1907
R. Angus K. Smith—Mycenaean Cemetery Excavations
Ron Thomson—Article in Journal of Acoustical Society
Katharine von Stackelberg—Ancient Gardens of Italy
Richard Welland—Investigating the Favres
Barbra Zupan—Establishing a Story

Conference, Colloquia & Speaker Awards
Gregory Betts, Keri Cronin, Linda Steer & Catherine Heard—Grey Borders
Patricia Debly—Celebrating Haydn
Kevin Kee—Interacting With Immersive Worlds
John Sainsbury—Guest Lecture: Dr. Melinda Zook
John Sainsbury— Guest Lecture: Dr. Frank Prochaska: “The American Monarchy”
Elizabeth Greene—BUAS Symposia
David Schimmelpenninck—Contest for Continents: The Seven Years War in Global Perspective

HRI Awards - June 2008
Research Awards
Jane Leavitt, Department of Dramatic Arts, T.A.P. (Turn Around Project). A Project for Social and Creative Innovation
Duncan MacDonald, Visual Arts, Sounds Relations to the Visible, and in a Broader Spectrum, to the Commodification of the Corporeal Sensorium
Maria del Carmen Suescun Pozas, Visual Arts, Latin American Art and Visual Culture Core Collection, Digitizing Project

Conference, Colloquia & Speaker Awards
Corrado Federci, Ernest Virgulti, Leslie Boldt-Irons, Image and Imagery Conference V: Remaking, Re-writing, Re-Discovery
Fanny Dolansky, Classics, Research Seminar Series

HRI Awards - December 2007
Research Awards
Sandra Beckett, Modern Languages. Revisioning Red Riding Hood
Lynn Dempsey, Applied Linguistics. Pilot Study to investigate the reliability and validity of an alternate form of Joint Story Retell
Adam Dickinson, English. Pataphysical Ecologies: Environmental Poetics and Imaginary Society
David Fancy, DART. Production of Khalida
Renèe Lafferty, History. Project: Toronto, the Enebriated
Hedy McGarrel, Applied Linguistics. Project: Research on Metalinguistic Abilities
Carmela Patrias, History. Intensive Yiddish Language, Literature and Culture Project
Angus Smith, Classics. Excavations at the Mycenaean Cemetery of Ayia Sotira, Greece
Linda Steer, Visual Arts. Project: The Use of Photographs in Beat Literature
Maria del Carmen Suescun Pozas, History. Manuscript: Modern Femininity, Shattered Masculinity

Conference, Colloquia & Speaker Awards
James Allard, English. Conference: North American Society for the Study of Romanticism
Tom Farrell, Applied Linguistics. Departmental Speaker Series
Susan Spearey, English. Conference: Telling Our Stories: Blackness, Identities and Institutions
Nicole Daniel, Archaeological Society. 19th Annual Scholarly Symposium

HRI Awards - June 2007
Research Awards
Sandra Beckett (MLLC) Crossover Fiction
Martin Danahay (English) Jekyll and Hyde and Cross-cultural Translation
Fanny Dolansky (Classics) Women’s Rites in Ancient Rome
Daniel Samson (History) The Spirit of Industry and Northern Nova Scotia 1790-1862
David Hayes (Applied Linguistics) English Language Use in South-east Asia
Elizabeth Greene (Classics) Radioactive analysis of organic samples from Pabuç Burnu wreck
Renée Lafferty (History) Child Caring Institutions in Halifax, Nova Scotia
Matthew Martin (English) Edition of Christopher Marlowe’s Play Edward II
Andrew McDonald (History) Manx Kingship in its Irish Sea Setting, 1187-1224
Felipe Ruan (MLLC) Moriscos and Mestizos: Intermediate Identities in the Early Modern Hispanic World
David Vivian (Dramatic Arts) Scenography Working Group, Publication of Proceedings

Conference, Colloquia & Speaker Awards
Natalie Alvarez (Dramatic Arts, Great Books and Liberal Studies) Performance by The Workman Theatre Project
Fanny Dolansky (Classics) Classical Research Seminar Series
Renée Lafferty (History) Two Days of Canada Conference 2007
David Schimmelpenninck (History) Sir Isaac Brock Memorial Lecture

HRI Awards - January 2007
Research Awards
Catherine Chaput (English) Rhetoric Society of America, Summer Institute
Carmela Colella (MLLC) Pratesi Project
Keri Cronin (Visual Arts) Museums and Environmental National Identities
Karin Di Bella (Music) Recording of Jack Behrens’ piano music
Ann Howey (English) Lady of Shalott/Elaine in Popular Culture
Leah Knight (English) Botanical Communities in Early Modern England
Annie Larivee (Philosophy) The Political Asclepios: A Study of the Care of the Soul in Plato’s Dialogue
Carol Merriam (Classics) and John Sainsbury (History) Autobiography of John Wilkes
Behnaz Mirzai (History) African Communities in Iran
Hans-Georg Moeller (Philosophy) Luhmannian Investigations
Marlene Moser (Dramatic Arts) Integrating Theatre and Practice in Embodied Investigations of Identity
Elizabeth Neswald (History) Cosmology of Moses Hess
R. Angus Smith (Classics) Excavation of Mycenaean cemetery of Ayia Sotira
Katharine von Stackelberg (Classics) Roman Gardens
R. J. Welland (Applied Lingusitics) Digital Conversion and Archiving of Data on Analogue Videotape

Conference, Colloquia & Speaker Awards

Carol Merriam and Cameron Kroetsch Brock University Archaelogical Society Symposium: “Beyond the Grave: Ancient Death and Ritual”
Sharilyn Ingram, Katharine von Stackelberg, Leah Knight, Keri Cronin Conference: “Greenscapes – Sense and Meaning?

HRI Awards - June 2006
Research Awards
MayBletz (MLLC) Whiteness of a Darker Colour: Narratives of Immigration and Acculturation in Brazil and Argentina 1890-1930.
Wing-cheuk Chan (Philosophy) “A Critique of Critical Buddhism”.
Allison Glazebrook (Classics) Research at the American School of Classical Studies at Athens
Derek Knight and Lesley Bell (VISA) Slide Library Digitizing Project
Andrew McDonald (History) and Angus Somerville (English) The Viking Age: A Reader
John Sivell (Applied Linguistics) “Learning and Teaching Experiences at Brock University ”

Conference, Colloquia & Speaker Awards

Kevin Kee (History) “Interacting with Immersive Worlds”
David Schimmelpenninck (History) “Pogranichnaia komissia” (discussion group of Russian historians)
Murray Wickett (History) “Two Days of Canada Conference 2006”

HRI Awards - December 2005
Research Awards
Sandra Beckett (MLLC) Forthcoming book Cross-Writing Red Riding Hood
Christine Daigle (Philosophy) Monograph on the phenomenology of Friedrich Nietzsche
Sally Hickson (VISA/GLBS)
Designing a course on 15th and 16th century Italian architecture
Thomas S C Farrell (Applied Linguistics) Research assistant for project "Concept Maps to Trace Conceptual Change in Graduate (Applied Linguistics/TESL) Students"
Jane Leavitt (DART) Stage production of An Arabian Triology
Maureen Lux (History) Research project "The origin and development of hospital care for Aboriginal people"
Hans-Georg Moeller (Philosophy) Research assistant(s) for project The Daodejing. A Complete Translation and Commentary.
Brian Power (Music) Forthcoming book The Sounds and Sights of Performance in Medieval and Renaissance Music.
Gyllian Raby (DART) Development of the production of The Girl Detective
David Vivian (DART), David Fancy (DART), Diane Borsato (VISA), Jean Bridge (VISA) Research assistance for project "Arts Documentation: Theory and Practice in the Development of New Methodolgies and Conventions for Recording Creative Instance and Event."

Conference, Colloquia & Speaker Awards
John Bonnett (History) Conference "The Computer: the Once and Future Medium for the Social Sciences and Humanities."
Martin Danahay (English) International conference on Robert Louis Stevenson
David Fancy (DART) Multidisciplinary conference on the future of capitalism - "Metastasizing Capital: The Logic of Unbridled Growth."
Corrado Federici (MLLC), Leslie Boldt-Irons (MLLC), Ernesto Virgulti (MLLC) Organizing Image and Imagery conference
Carol Merriam (Classics) Annual symposium of the Brock Archaeological Society

HRI Awards - June 2005

Research Awards
Robert Alexander (English) Study of contemporary print genres
Wing-Chuk Chan (Philosophy) Foucault-Habermas debate; research trip
Thomas Farrell (DALS)
Reflective Practice as Professional Development for College ESL Teachers
Neta Gordon (English) Website to support project on Canadian literary response to WWI
Peter Landey (Music) Producing extended work for mixed choir and organ
Jane Leavitt (DART) Compilation of course text with translation and travel fees
Gillian McGillivray (History) Participation in Cuban conference on “Sugar and Power in Latin America”
Carol Merriam (Classics) Research assistant for index of “Love and Propaganda” monograph
Angela Mills (English) Trip to East Aurora for archival research
Merijean Morrissey (VISA) Presentation at printmaking conference in Berlin and Poznan
Deborah Yeager-Woodhouse (DALS) Life History study of early career ESL teachers

Conference, Colloquia & Speaker Awards

Michael Berman (Philosophy) “Uses of the Science Fiction Genre”: an Interdisciplinary Conference

HRI Awards - April 2005
Teaching Release Time Awards
First annual competition. Award Winners each receive teaching release from one half-credit (.5) course to be taken during the Fall 2005 term or the Winter 2006 term.
Leslie Boldt-Irons (MMLC) for project "The Subject at its Limits: Georges Bataille and his Contemporaries"
Christine Daigle (PHIL) for project "Nietzsche as Phenomenologist: An Extistential-Phenomenological Reading of his Early Writings"
Joanne Wright (HIST/WISE) for project on Thomas Hobbes' provocative interpretation of consent to feminist theories of sexuality

HRI Awards - January 2004

Research Awards
Jane Leavitt (DART) workshop related to project on national Muslim Theatre in the Arabian Gulf States 2000.00
Jean Bridge (VISA) production of Catatlogue for Exhibition on Beauty and the Abject, October 2004 1000.00
Christine Daigle (Philosophy) research assistance for development of textbook proposal in area of Existentialism 500.00
Jane Koustas (MLLC) publication costs re: Conference Proceedings, Nancy Huston Conference Paris 2001 800.00
TOTAL 4300.00

Conference, Colloquia & Speaker Awards
Michael Berman (Philosophy) "Science, Spirituality and Time" conference, Feb. 2004 800.00
Corrado Federici (MLLC) "Image and Imagery" conference, October 2004 1250.00
Brock University Archeological Society "Approaches to Socio-political Complexity in the Eastern Mediterranean" conference, March 2004 500.00
TOTAL 2550.00

HRI Awards - July 2003
Research Awards
Danielle Parks Cypress excavation site project 1000.00
Mathew Martin research expenses re: early modern English drama 2000.00
Merijean Morrissey fellowship and training in Japan 2000.00
Susan Spearey archival research to be undertaken in South African 1500.00
Barbara Seeber archival research re: book, Animal Worlds in Jane Austen 500.00
Jane McLeod research to be undertaken in France 1000.00
Peter Landey notational transcription for manuscript 1500.00
TOTAL 9500.00

Conference, Colloquia & Speaker Awards
Andrew McDonald Scotland Day, Nov. 2003 400.00
Michael Ripmeester Two Days of Canada, Nov. 2003 1000.00
TOTAL 1400.00

HRI Awards - January 2003

Research Awards
Ravindra Singh "Ontology, Technology and Non-Violence" 2000.00
Neta Gordon research at New York Public Library on Sophia Almon-Hensley Archive 1200.00
TOTAL 3200.00

Conference, Colloquia & Speaker Awards

Jane Koustas "Niagara! A Symposium," April 26-27, 2003 300.00
David Goicoechea "Postmodern Phenomenology of the Cross" conference, Feb. 14-15, 2003 500.00
Jennifer Phoenix "Ancient Erotics" conference, March 8, 2003 500.00
TOTAL 1300.00

HRI Awards - July 2002

Research Awards
Jean Bridge Development of Peninsular Living, the second phase of a creative project involving continuous digital imaging and interactive image projection in a series that begins with Bower (2001). 1200.00
Michael Driedger Development of research project, "Mennonites and the Enlightenment in the Netherlands." 800.00
Hedy McGarrell Continuation of project ,"Investigating the Expression of Temporality by Non-Native Speakers of English at the High School Level." 1175.00
Gyllian Raby Development of, and assistance with costs related to workshopping of, the first draft of a full-length playscript Flo, which will involve exploration of the congruence between narrative improvisation and jazz music. 2000.00
David Rupp Assistance with costs related to development of illustrations for article on archeological work at Kholetria, Cyprus. 730.00
Murray Wickett Initiation of Research Project: "An Historical Investigation of the Underground Railway in Niagara" 800.00
TOTAL 6705.00

Conference, Colloquia & Speaker Awards

Michael Carter Wine In Antiquity 600.00
David Goicoechea Empathy and the Love of Animals 500.00
Donna Patrick Two Days of Canada 2002 1000.00
TOTAL 2100.00

HRI Awards - January 2002

Research Awards
Ravindra Singh "Death, Contemplation and Schopenhauer" 900.00
Martha Nandorfy "Revisa canadiense de estudios hispanicos" 1000.00
Murray Miles Inroads: Paths of Ancient and Modern Western Philosophy 900.00
Jane Koustas "Robert Lepage: Theatre of Non-Translation" 1000.00
Carol Merriam "Love and Propaganda: the Latin Love Elegists' Use of Venus as a Political Symbol" 1000.00
TOTAL 4800.00

Conference, Colloquia & Speaker Awards
Corrado Federici "Image and Imagery" conference, Oct. 16-18/02 1500.00
David Goicoechea "Charles Scott's Joyful Finding of the Lost" conference, Feb. 15-16/02 800.00
TOTAL 2300.00

HRI Awards - July 2001
Research Awards
David Goicoechea Funding for subvention for manuscript, Zarathustra's Love Beyond Wisdom 500.00
Martha Husain RA for help with completion of manuscript, An Approach to Aristotle's Poetics 700.00
Murray Miles Photocopying costs and RA for work on verifying references and quotations in manuscript, Inroads: Paths in Ancient and Modern Western Philosophy 900.00
Donna Patrick Travel costs for research related to project, "Language Dominance and Minorisation" 549.10
Murray Wickett Travel costs for archival research into historical figure Joaquin Murieta 1000.00
TOTAL 3,649.10

Conference, Colloquia & Speaker Awards
Mark Anderson Storytelling in the Americas 500.00
David Goicoechea Bataille's Ascension Glory 800.00
Jane Koustas Two Days of Canada 1000.00
TOTAL 2300.00