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HRI Conferences and Symposia

 Conferences and Symposia 2015 - 2016

1. The Humanities Research Institute's Fall Term Symposium will be held on Thursday, December 10, 2015 in the Dr. Charles A. Sankey Chamber. The title of the symposium is "Re-form, Transform, Perform". The speakers are as follows:

Session 1: Chair: Patricia Debly (Music)
Gregor Kranjc (History), "Re-Fighting an Old War: The Conservative Party of Canada and Commemoration of the Cold War (2006-2015)."
Kevin McGuiness (PhD student, Interdisciplinary Humanities), "Lead with One's Chin: The Political Implications of Distinct Representation of Nefertiti in the Mature Amarna Style."
Ning Wang (History), "Between Defiance and Obedience: Liang Sicheng's Strategies for Dealing with the State of Communist China."

Session 2: Chair: Gale Coskan-Johnson (English Language and Literature)
Renée Girard (MA student, History), "The Botanist, the Russian Noble and the Parisian Women: Freemasonry in Paris in the Early Nineteenth Century."
Yasmine Kandil (Dramatic Arts), "Theatre for Development and Life-changing Experiences for Marginalized Communities: Challenging Concepts of Sustainability and Self-development."
Ronald Cummings (English Language and Literature), "'Queer Marronage and the Politics of Urban Jamaican Space."