Customized English Language Program (CELP)

Customized English Language Program (CELP)

The Customized English Language Program (CELP) can be designed for a wide variety of groups and purposes. The CELP offered by ESL Services can be tailored in terms of length and purpose to specific group needs such ESL/IT, ESL/Teacher Upgrading, ESL for Flight Attendants, etc, or the CELP can focus exclusively on ESL. As well, the CELP can be incorporated into existing programs such as the internationally recognized 5-week Summer ESL Program, Explore and the Summer English Language Program (SELP).

CELP Flexibility
Along with flexibility in terms of duration and time of year, the CELP also offer group organizers flexibility in the number in each group. From groups as small as 15 up to groups as large as 150, the CELP is a popular option for group organizers who wish to bring their clients to a well recognized, professionally run short or long-term intensive ESL.

Admission to the CELP is normally through a group coordinator, such as a University administrator, educational agent, or travel agent.

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*Note: Individuals cannot register for the CELP, as it must be done through a group. Alternatively, individuals may register for the 14-week IELP or 5-week SELP.

**Students must be a minimum of 18 years of age at the start of the CELP program you are applying for. Students 17 years of age at the time the CELP program starts can apply, but must send the completed Guardian/Custodian Form and Guardian/Custodian Letter with their completed application. The Custodian must be a Canadian citizen or permanent resident of Canada and over 19 years of age.